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  1. CaliCubano

    Toybox reference

    I don't think this would be considered a spoiler, but did anyone see the battle dinosaur reference in Galaxy Toys? If you don't know where they are from, they were featured in a Toy Story television special on ABC a couple of years ago. I thought that was a neat reference. Have you guys found...
  2. CaliCubano

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Hey all, been reading this board since the leaks came out. Can someone PM me the subreddit this info is coming from?
  3. CaliCubano

    KH 3D What world is this?

    The entrance to the right is Pinnochio. That sign looks like a carnival sign so maybe the world is set on Pleasure Island, the place where he turned into a donkey
  4. CaliCubano

    KH 3D What world is this?

    Does anyone else notice the green and white striped things to the far right?
  5. CaliCubano

    KH 3D What world is this?

    That entrance that everyone is say is the Colliseum..I don't think it is. That sign over the entrance doesn't look like it would be from that world. To be honest that sign reminds me of Pinochio. And Nomura did say all the disney worlds are new.
  6. CaliCubano

    KH 3D What world is this?

    I think that Traverse Town is a hub world and you can travel to worlds from there instead of gummi. Also that entrance to the left, if you take a look the name is in toy blocks....Toy Story, maybe?
  7. CaliCubano

    Problem with KH3D Theories

    There's a problem with theories about KH3D taking place in dreams because in an interview Nomura mentioned there would be new worlds in the game. I don't think you can travel to new worlds while in a dream.
  8. CaliCubano

    KHII Final Mix's clues to what happens in BBS(May be a spoiler)

    when u guys talk about chambers what the heck are u guy talking about?
  9. CaliCubano

    Another famous voice?!?!?!?!

    :lol:Clint Eastwood as MX The girl who plays Kim Possible for Aqua
  10. CaliCubano

    "Suspected" PoH's?

    I would pick Esmerelda Boo Pochahantus and Lucy from Narnia
  11. CaliCubano

    Terra can't be Xehornat

    Terra can't be Xehornat( I know I spelled it wrong, to be honest I don't really care) anyways in an interview Nomura said that all three armoured characters in the secret ending are new characters neverseen in the KH series
  12. CaliCubano

    More KH Games?

    How many more KH games should they make after BBS. Well I think they should make KH 3 and KH4 and two spin offs that connect the two.
  13. CaliCubano

    New Deep Space Scans (Aqua + New Boss Fight)

    Check it out EDIT: EDIT #2:
  14. CaliCubano

    The 3 new KH game's connection Spoilers/ Theory

    As I was doing research on the new KH games I found out that Xion is a part of Sora's memorys. Which got me thinking she could be an unbirth. An unbirth could be part of someone's memories. And since they're technically not born thats why they're called unbirths. Also in KH coded the journal...