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    whats a nice thing to call your lover

    I just got into a relationship and I'm bored of the same old names to call your lover honey sweetie ai I want something new and different
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    advance happy new year

    Its 2010 happy new year guys hope you have a happy one ^_^
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    Help/Support ► can anyone help me?

    its hard to downlaod victoryfanfare I have a third world network literally on the philippines know any sites that have composed ring tone on my unit?
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    Help/Support ► can anyone help me?

    I want to compose victoryfanfare at my cellphone my cp is 1661 my cp is only temporary till I get a new cp I want to compose victoryfanfare know how?
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    I fogot what its called

    Do any one know about the mental disorder that an adult WANTS a kid sexually I have a step father and his saying a lot of dirty things to my sister over the phone we live in the Philippines and he lives in the US north yes his on drugs when my mom found out she broke up with him so what is it...
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    know any good reason to drink?

    besides the holidays do you know a good reason to drink? so my psychiatrist would let me?
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    Ultimate Theory

    what really happen in bbs ? only time will tell. They may have forgotten their memories like axel of ice said to seal the unverse maybe theres people like namine in bbs I forgot what I'm suppose to post hell maybe theres one in reality a person who can manipulate memories? ... your tread is...
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    Help/Support ► I need advice---

    ok heres a decent thing to say stick with your girlfriend there are three kinds of love said by anthropologist helen fisher 1.LUST 2.ATTRACTION 3.ATTACHMENT what your feeling for your friend is 3 let 1 be your guide to love
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    Hi I'm a filipino if your a racist get out of here!!!! ok ever heard of OPM? it stands for ORIGINAL PINOY(FILIPINO) MUSIC Well I would like to share my culture to you here are some of the music that I like pnjhRQyEmJw bamboo - mr clay pabL0DxjlWk calalily - stars VlzlayQGIqM mymp - tell me...
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    Help/Support ► what the fuck

    sorry man geez if Im that obnoxious just say it dont flame me..... I need sleep later....... wait before I sleep Im a voluteer fire and Ems heres a decent answer Im a medic but a noob only have one training Basic Trauma Life Support and they thought me how to handle this things If I can remember...
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    Help/Support ► what the fuck

    no six improves your vitality keep busy and youll become immortal cause six is a exercise you can loose 200 calories I think (yeah I misspelled intercourse its such a strong word their might be children reading thats good stop the plague help but if its me Ill run naked and spread the virus...
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    Help/Support ► It's baffling my mind help me?

    that is the answer that Im looking for man its so apparent thanks some one can close this
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    Help/Support ► It's baffling my mind help me?

    what is the scientific explanation for when you have something you take it for granted like a girl... then when its gone you regret it you desperately want it back. Any geniuses in the house or an anthropologist? can anyone give me the scientific explanation or anything?
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    the spirits within the house

    take a look at this pic notice something? yeah its a typical home but do you see the white circle near the stairs on the ceiling? that is a spirit actually its a earth spirit that haunts this home there use to be a tree near the house before it was built when it was cut those who cut it got...
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    does anyone know if zone of the enders 2 will have a sequal?
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    hey is this right place to post this? I have a problem my computer's date and time always changes to september 5 2019 everytime I shutdown my comuter the bios clock is ok just the windows clock has the problem what should I do?
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    inevitable end

    every person has their time who knows how long will we live in this world so my question is what do you think? do you believe in heaven and hell?
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    Help/Support ► Now I need help

    yeah tell him you can do it!!!
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    Help/Support ► I hate women

    just break up with her its for the best the spark is gone with its gone its gone