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  1. billabong

    Sad Bastard Songs (original music by me)

    Hey! I was considering posting in the Media Discussion, but felt it wasn't the place for original work. I don't feel very comfortable with asking people who are friends with me/already invested in my work for an opinion, so here I am on a forum I frequented in middle and high school...
  2. billabong

    Music ► Patchwork (MY OWN ORIGINAL CREATION)

    I've been on this forum for as long as I've been playing music (actually a little longer), and I haven't had any music worth sharing until recently. https://soundcloud.com/chris-mendosa/nobodys-stuck-around-rough So this is a "WELL WHAT DO YOU THINK?" post as well as a shameless plug of my own...
  3. billabong

    That was then / This is now

    This is more geared toward people that have browsed the forums for a significant part of their lives (>3 years) but hey, I guess it wouldn't hurt if you wanted to compare your two months ago to now. Basically, recall what kind of person you were when you joined the forums, what kind of things...
  4. billabong

    Bands That Only You Listen To (or so you think)

    It's time to shed the pride of being the only person you know that is aware of and in love with all those ridiculous artists! It's also time to stop and realize that there are other people that actually listen to that obscure folk band you've been swooning over the past however many years...
  5. billabong

    Help/Support ► Convenience vs. Security

    It's my senior year, and I've been attending the same high school for three years. This last one, I was able to choose all my classes, and I got a streak of great teachers that I'm on good terms with. The problem? I just moved into a new house about 12 miles away, and in another school's...
  6. billabong

    Local Bands

    I'd like to hear your favorites from your own local music scene. LOL NO BIG POP BANDS PLZ!!! Las Vegas: -Epic indie: The Tramlines -Hardcore: Caravels and Take -World Beat: Pan De Sal -Experimental Indie/Folk/Dance: A Crowd of Small Adventures nao u
  7. billabong

    Legendary Frog!

    I think this guy has some classics, but haven't seen a thread for him yet. :D
  8. billabong

    LoTR vs. Star Wars

    I've been thinking about it since watching Clerks 2. Which is the one trilogy to rule them all? Obviously, I'm pro Rings. What about j00z.
  9. billabong

    Post your own music.

    This thread is for musicians who happen to have recorded material. Originals or covers'd be fine. www.myspace.com/meleaf is my band's main site. www.myspace.com/0wns is mostly covers and/or us messing around. OH. And feel free to critique anything you hear.
  10. billabong

    Celebrity Deathmatch

    Well, it's not about the show really. But it's a game. Someone names two celebrities, and represents one of them. Someone else volunteers to represent the other one, and basically, you roleplay battle. I've never really RPed before, so I'll let someone else start off.
  11. billabong

    Star Wars

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=VVPFE2H66zo Well, kinda. Watch that video.
  12. billabong

    Rate Song Above You

    Self explanatory I think. But if the song you're about to post isn't widely known, post a link. The Start of Something- Voxtrot. (if you don't know it, www.myspace.com/voxtrot)
  13. billabong

    Which Celebrity?

    Bah. I'll put this here. Hell, it's a game, but it's celebrities right? So you just name two celebrities and the next poster chooses the one they'd rather marry (but it's okay. I mean, hey celebrity marriages never last right?). And if there's a celebrity that's been awhile, then the...
  14. billabong

    Tape to computer?

    I recorded a few songs I played, and wanted to know if there's any way I can get it from tape to computer. Unless I actually do have to get a computer mic. =( ?
  15. billabong

    Indepth on favorite bands

    1. Name a band of your choice. 2. Top 3 songs from them (in your opinion). 3. Type up a short biography/description of them. *NO omggg DEEZ GUYZ R DA B3sT LOL!1!1 Facts only. And maybe mild opinion. -Nirvana -Drain You -All Apologies -About a Girl Nirvana was a grunge/alternative band...
  16. billabong

    Favorite Memory?

    Okay, so if you actually do chat/talk with the person above, name a memorable thing involving them. But if you don't know the person, don't bother posting. =/
  17. billabong

    The Vaselines

    Well I just started listening to them a few days ago. Anyone heard of them? Chances are if you like Nirvana, then you have. But, one question-- Is this the supposed old "non poser indie" that people around here talk about? If so, I take back anything I said about it. This stuff rocks.
  18. billabong

    For boredom-struck members.

    I'd rather not put this is forum games for some reason, but whatever. Okay, just copy the template and redo the answers so it fits you. 10 Years ago I was 3 years, 10 months, and a week. 10 bucks says I was playing at Christine's house. 5 Years ago I was 8 years, 10 months, and a week old...
  19. billabong


    How many of you are in a band? And, if you are, what's your band called and what kind of music do you play? Any other information's welcome. But, as for me, I've only been playing guitar about 3 months now. I'm planning to start a band, or join one after I've played for a few more months.
  20. billabong

    Favorite FPS on each system.

    The title's self explanatory. PS2- Red Faction series. They're just solid games. I find some parts funny too. xBox- Do you have to ask? Halo 1. GameCube- Metroid. Lmao, I don't know of any truly FPS game on this console, but this is the closest one I could think of.