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  1. johnsan92

    News ► Makio Inoue, Japanese Voice Actor for Master Eraqus, Passes Away at Age 81

    So sad to lose another member of the KH team :(
  2. johnsan92

    KINGDOM HEARTS III -World of Tres- Interview: Shimomura & Sekito

    This was such a good interview! I love how they started talking about music and getting lost in their own world. It's crazy how many things they have in common. Also, when they started listing out their favorite songs I started to look them up on youtube and so many memories from the games came...
  3. johnsan92

    DLC dreams you know won’t come true

    I'm going to list what I wish would happen in the ideal world Adding more story content to the base game instead of being a separate episode Expanding on Kairi more and giving her more time in the main story Getting to play as Kairi and train with Axel Dual wielding keyblades and drive forms...
  4. johnsan92

    October 7th - Kingdom Hearts Union χ ENG Update

    I wish that this game had more reasons to keep playing. I'm exhausted grinding for medals and jewels. What's the point of it all
  5. johnsan92

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? I really hope that they have Wreck it Ralph in Kingdom Hearts 3. The videogame setting makes it perfect for a mini world along the lines of 100 Acre Woods, where Sora sees an arcade in Hollow Bastion for example and finds...
  6. johnsan92

    Disappointed this world didn't get put into the remix

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX2aKEvDdRg Destiny Islands would have been so cool to visit in Kingdom Hearts 2 as a secret world where you could fight some powerful heartless i.e. Kurt Zisa of KH1. Looking at this hack brings back some nostalgia feels.