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  1. scottsxiii

    Master Chef Trophy Glitch?

    So I have made all the dishes, good and excellent to be sure. I made sure I have every single one in my inventory. I also got the 5 stars at the bistro and the cutscene triggered. Can anyone tel me why I don’t have the trophy? EDIT; didn’t realize there was a Flan menu.
  2. scottsxiii

    My first ever playthrough.

    In Proud mode or Critical mode you need to collect all of the Xehanort Reports, and place all of the stickers in the correct places to add up 140 points for all three characters to unlock the Secret Episode, you just have to complete all three stories to get the Final Episode.
  3. scottsxiii

    Limit form level up

    You can always activate Drive before you fight an enemy so that it will not go into Anti form.
  4. scottsxiii

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix

    My only problem with Xemnas was the delayed reaction commands in the final fight, and that was a pain. I used Limit Form in both battles and nothing happened.
  5. scottsxiii

    News ► "Special message" in 1.5 ReMIX artbook + More!

    I'm really wondering what this message could be..
  6. scottsxiii

    Lea Discussion

    This may be farfectched, but would Lea handling Ven's wooden keyblade at Radiant Garden in BbS have any influence over him getting a keyblade?