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    Would it be a stretch for them to surprise us with a new world without an announcement from Nomura?

    Hello, Insiders. So I was thinking about the possibility for March's JP story update. Saw a brief discussion on it as well. I don't play JP but I've been more or less following the gist of what each of the updates are (though I haven't completely watched them in their entirety, just the parts I...
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    New discoveries inside KH3D!

    Poor Jungle Book...third time's the charm!
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    Help/info needed from anyone playing Browser KHX - Any and all Raid Boss Music info.

    Hi all, new to KHInsider here, hope I'm posting in the appropriate forum (though could also fit in the UX forum). I feel like I can probably get the answers I'm seeking here, because I haven't had much luck from Google or Youtube (but a few people on other forums have been helpful, which leads...