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    TV ► General Sonic the Hedgehog Discussion Thread: IDW, Sonic Prime and all other related content

    Really fun, for adults and children! snaptube vidmate
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    Film ► Wonka (2023)

    ( Great film, what a pleasure as much for the story as for the eyes without forgetting the top performance.) yes I completely agree with you lizayong.
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    TV ► About The Flash series (2014) and The Infamous Games ... (Fun Discussion)

    Hi, I haven't seen it yet I'm not really a fan of this series. Tutuapp
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    TV ► One Piece (Netflix Live Action Adaptation)

    I also think they rushed things too much, and it spoiled the story a bit Mini Militia App Lock
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    Film ► Resident Evil: Death Island

    Finally, Jill Valentine remake is in the film!! Looks amazing! Tutuapp
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    Film ► The Super Mario Bros. Movie April 7th 2023

    My childhood dream is finally here!! Animation, colors, stories, characters, dubbing, it's flawless!
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    Film ► A quick note about Disney remaking Hunchback of Notre Dame

    Is there any casting information for the film?
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    Film ► Joker 2: the musical

    I'm not a fan of musicals at all, so seeing one of my favorite characters in this kind of film disappoints me. Mini Militia App Lock
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    Fave Disney Movie and vilian?

    My favorite Disney is The Little Mermaid and the villain is Hades.
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    The Wolf Among Us season 2 (2023)

    The Wolf Among Us for me was the most intriguing title from Telltale, the concept is genius and the storytelling was top notch.
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    Hidden Gems

    I'm also a big fan of the Rune Factory series.
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    Marvel's Avengers comic collecting tips

    Square Enix's "Avengers Project" was a game that had me hugely hyped when it was announced and those, until its release. Unfortunately, once the very good campaign is over, the game's shortcomings accumulate: readability of the action, repetitiveness, matchmaking not working, the...
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    Disney Melee Mania coming to Apple Arcade (3v3 MOBA, not SSB clone)

    This game would’ve been bit better if it was a platform fighter like, I’ll pay money to play as Stitch along with Chicken Little on my side while fighting Peter Pan and Aladdin.
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    New AAA Marvel and Star Wars Games from Skydance Media

    I really hope it will give a good game.
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    Resident Evil, has unintelligible plot points now...

    Not a huge RE fan but I like some of the opus. This one really hooked me, a good script, Ethan is more captivating, very good antagonists, a lifespan of around 10 hours depending on the difficulty, I really had a great time on it.
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    What would you change about the KH1 story?

    To be honest, I would like change a lot of things.
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    what kh lore is essential 2 understand kh?

    Thank you so much for the details and the explanations.
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    Here’s what Xion and kairi need in my opinion!

    All these theories and reviews are really interesting, made me think a lot.
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    Who Was The Traitor?

    It seems like they're all traitors at this point, but we'll see.
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    is master xehanort a virgin? is he incel?

    Totally agree with the last comment, it's sad but unfortunately it's the truth.