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    HQ Renders - Terra, Aqua, Ven

    Oh man me too O_O And I still can't get over how Terra's "pants" look like a retarded skirt at first glance. =/ Amazing quality though! xD
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    New 358/2 Days English Videos

    Nice find! Man...I can't wait till this comes out...
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    Confirmed Voice Actors for Days (UPDATED: Complete List)

    Re: Confirmed Voice Actors for Days Yeah me too...I really hope he did come back though... it actually does sound like him in the trailer...
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    English Videos and Screenshots

    Nice find! I'm really glad IGN is posting these...
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    English Videos and Screenshots

    Nice find. I want to hear more of their voices though. xD
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    (Revised) translation of new Famitsu interview

    Re: (Rough!) translation of new Famitsu interview Yeah I know. =] He already said he was thinking of a game between BbS and KH1 before didn't he?
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    (Revised) translation of new Famitsu interview

    Re: (Rough!) translation of new Famitsu interview No shit sherlock. xD Yeah Unbirths had a better ring to it I guess... And yeah this game will probably be god damn amazing! xD And no more games that are 25 hours long! xD Yeah pretty much my thoughts exactly... And YES! A secret...
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    kid FF charcters

    That would actually be really cute. Or really creepy. I can't decide. xD And they could show him and the HB/RG gang as kids. Since we know it appears in BbS and it could show them there. I was just like "Uhhh....sorry... WHAT?" I couldn't imagine it...but I would really want it to happen...
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    Amazon Discount and Slip Cover for 358/2 Days

    LMAO I could imagine myself doing that and then running across the store to see it closer. xD And I really need some KH posters...I only have FF right now. =/
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    Amazon Discount and Slip Cover for 358/2 Days

    The slip cover doesn't look bad...but it's kinda worthless. Especially since the game will just go in my DS case and the box just in a drawer where the rest of my DS games are and the only time I would touch the box would be when I'm getting the manual to read before I go play the games or to...
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    Days manga cover

    I lol'd. xD I know the moogle is awesome. xD And yeah, I hope we get it here too... _________________________________
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    Days manga cover

    Oh man...I wish Sora would actually swear in KH -.- I know! The moogle WAS awesome! xD and yeah I was wondering that too...kinda random NOT to have Mansex there O_O
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    So who HASN'T played Days yet?

    Yeah I plan on doing the same. SO EXCITED IT COMES OUT IN 11 DAYS! I'll just be a loser for like 2 weeks lying on my bed playing it cause I don't start school until the 8th of September. :D ONLY! =[ ZOMG I just want it to come out noooowwwwww!
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    New Roxas Illustration

    regardless it's pretty sweet =P
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    Who will you play as in Days?

    roxas, xigbar (cause he's awesome xD), zexion (cause he's cool too), marluxia (cause it looks like fun to play him), and sora for old times sake
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    bbs animals forms

    i personally dont want TAV changing into animals...they would all look like dumbasses. like sora, donald, and goofy xD TAV are too cool for that =P
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    Traverse Town Tabloids #1: Is Nintendo banking on the Success of Kingdom Hearts?

    i wouldn't mind a kh on the wii. it could work out quite good if they do that. i just wouldn't want like the last kh on the wii. i would much rather have it on the ps3
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    Hopes for Days

    yeah i spoiled myself for the storyline. pissed with myself for that =[ yeah me too. we haven't had new info on either of those in so long. i hope we get sum during the summer =/
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    Hopes for Days

    yeah. he's probably a good magic user and a good fighter too. well at least that's all i can think of =/
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    Hopes for Days

    yeah probably. just because u know....it's lexaeus xD and im REALLY excited for this game. it looks awesome and the gameplay looks kinda kool too. considering with what they can accomplish on the ds. and also the storyline and cutscenes with voices!? that'll be kool to see on ds =]