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  1. Youniquee

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Only got it yesterday but I'm enjoying KH2 so far. Decided to play it on Proud since this is the third time I'm playing it and standard mode is way too easy. Loving the remastered tracks, really bringing out the nostalgia feeling in me.
  2. Youniquee

    What would you change about KH2?

    Not having to do a second round of all those worlds. Rather, do 1 round of them, but have the individual plot worlds fleshed out and connected to the main plot properly. And yes, more NPCs would be nice...but I wonder if that's due to the PS2's limits at the time..
  3. Youniquee

    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    Lol oh.... Well, I started with KH2 too...my brother brought it for some weird reason (I actually think he was meant to get KH1 but got KH2 accidently...wouldn't put it past him) I saw Disney characters + anime looking guy and cool opening song and I was sold...back when I was 11 I got stuck on...
  4. Youniquee

    Am I the only girl who thinks sora is the ugliest character ever

    I'm just gonna go ahead and say it...I think Riku's KH2 model was unattractive and looks best in concept art and just ugh in the actual game. On topic, you're probably not the only person who does think this lol Although I've gotta disagree...Sora is pretty cute.
  5. Youniquee

    Little things

    Sora looks like Chris Thorndyke from Sonic X. Sora's hair gets lighter in KH2? lol wow I wish I was observant (but I guess this is also because I haven't played a KH game in ages)
  6. Youniquee

    What are you most excited for in 2.5?

    Funnily enough, I'm looking forward to something very specific lol Port Royal in KH2. That world already looks stunning and really detailed without HD, I wonder how lovely it's going to be when it's HD-ifed.
  7. Youniquee

    News ► KH 1.5 Live on Square Enix Presents!

    Looks great! :) Can't wait to finally play KH1 and KH:ReCom (I hope I actually like the card system) in full HD too~ And yeah I agree the text is a bit strange lol
  8. Youniquee

    News ► "Special message" in 1.5 ReMIX artbook + More!

    I'm 70% sure this special message is probably something to do with KH3? I guess I will just wait for someone who pre ordered it to relay the message I guess :3
  9. Youniquee

    About Terra and Master Xehanort

    Terra isn't going to be one of the 13 darknesses for ever. Nomura is giving us a clue that he will break out of it, by showing how confident he is. But for now, as it stands he is one of the 13 darknesses (Terranort). I understand why people think he is one of them..
  10. Youniquee

    Who were the seven people that needed to be awkened?

    KH3D clears up a few stuff. Roxas was born when that happened. That's right. It's all a lie. Nobodies actually do have hearts. If a body has no heart, eventually, the body grows a new one. (Thus by Axel and Roxas showed emotion) Xemnas lied to them all so they could follow his plan. Every nobody...
  11. Youniquee


    Love it! Cute yet practical *U* Now just let her have a pony tail and it's perfect!
  12. Youniquee

    How to Enter the Sleeping Worlds

    Sora didn't travel there physically...he probably left his body behind somewhere then travelled to the Realm of Sleep.
  13. Youniquee


    Haha, Lightning must not know how her sister looks then...because they kind of look nothing alike, except pink hair, blue eyes lol But I can see Lightning doing that :D
  14. Youniquee


    Agreed! How the hell did he even see with those bangs in his eyes! They were so bad, you couldn't even see his eyes at some points haha xD Short hair is more battle efficient as well. That would be great and more realistic...I wonder how she looks with that..hmm.
  15. Youniquee


    Will she become more of a 'character' in KH3? Is there more to her than what meets the eye? We just don't know. But I really hope so though n_n
  16. Youniquee

    Confused About Young Xehanorts's Appearance

    It's MX as a teenager. Terranort had no 'younger version'. The teenage version of MX came back from the past to guide Sora to MX's plan and also meet up with the other 13 darknesses. (Correct me if I'm wrong~)
  17. Youniquee


    I don't think this will be her final battle pose...I mean we only saw this frame for like 1 second. The producers probably just made her have any pose...or did they?
  18. Youniquee


    That's what happens when reasons like that are used for character hate. I let shippers ship but yeah, keep it out of canon stuff please. On topic! I would love to see Sora, Riku and Kairi all in one party at one point. That would be nice, seeing the trio fighting together for the first...
  19. Youniquee


    Sorry but no. SoRiku (who btw, I ship) is *not canon* so Kairi isn't ruining anything. People need to stop with this reason and make up more valid ones. Seriously. Shippers need to control themselves and stop hating on female characters for stupid reasons. Half of their ships aren't even canon...
  20. Youniquee


    Doesn't mean that the majority doesn't like her. I doubt people will be 100% fond of her, since they don't know her. (We've not seen that much of her) but I doubt the majority dislike her. I'm also excluding the reason about her 'getting in the way of ships'. That's a horrible reason and should...