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    Trust Me I'm a Liar

    Hey everyone, I know most of you probably don't know me because this is my first post in a loooong time, but I figured I'd start getting on KHI a little bit more often. And what better way to do that than to post about a group that I'm in, called Trust Me I'm a Liar? We're a (currently)...
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    KH at E3?

    But that's not really the point, it's more simply the fact that if you were a game developer, and you told people that they would be getting and/or hearing something about a new game, it's kind of bad for business if you don't deliver. Good lord, let's hope not xP
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    KH at E3?

    But i think that's Nomura's plan ;P He's making it so difficult to be a fan, but not enough for many fans to stop...fanning. Then, right when you're about to break, a new game (or at least some new info) is released and sucks you back in :/ it's a vicious cycle that will never end.
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    NA Site Updatez

    oh shit, u serious? i withdraw my argument xD i had no idea it was that much
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    NA Site Updatez

    hmmm...yeah, thats kinda true, but i can see the other side too. even though it would get pirated a lot, there would still be people out there (that were stupid enough to buy a PSPGo in the first place) that would still buy it on psn, and it would still bring in a profit to SE. So idk, a...
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    NA Site Updatez

    damn, u guys sure know how to rip people a new one, don't you? Even though I would personally believe SE over a Gamestop worker, the game will (more likely than not) be featured on psn anyways, so lets give the kid a break, eh?
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    BBs comes out in 7 weeks

    lol yeah, that's what i did :P totally worth it
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    BBs comes out in 7 weeks

    yeah, i know what u mean. lol i actually took on a part time job to get the money i need xD for the PSP Bundle, altogether its about $215, and i already saved up $205 lmao so im close
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    BBs comes out in 7 weeks

    ouch. that'll suck big time, ya know? Unless ur not a fully developed KH fan yet, in which case, that's understandable :) but personally, i could never do that lol
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    BBs comes out in 7 weeks

    yup :) anyone else pre-order the entire PSP bundle like me? lmao
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    Quick Question *Spoilers*

    yeah, he was in the realm of darkness all the way from the end of KH1 until KH2 (except for the side-stories).
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    Are we going to learn anything at GDC?

    id really like for something to happen, but we'll probly be lucky to even get a mention of BBS, even a snicker really, out of nomura. i would really like to see more info on versus XIII, though...
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    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    you might (might) be the first to say it, but not the first to think it. i doubt they'd confirm it yet though, even if it was true.
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    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    In my eyes, it honestly doesnt matter when it comes out, or how much it costs, or even how good the game is ( i know for a fact it wont be as shitty as some make it out to be), but i know i WILL get it the day it comes out! *hums "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"*
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    When persuasion fails...

    This is my first attempt at a text-based tag, so please play nice :P
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    omg inorite?

    V1 V2
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    [POLL] Mar-look-sha or Mar-loo-sha?

    i used to say Mar-lucks-eea. but yeah, its Mar-loosh-a. They say it in the game.
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    The Sun Was Always In Her Eyes

    V1 V2 cnc pureezz.
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    PUT YA GUNS ON!!! (Voting)

    Pick. Voting closes on Monday. EDIT: Yeah, it sucks, but I'm not making a new thread just to see the sigs on here, sorry.
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    Challenge to RLM: PUT YA GUNZ ON!!!

    yup. I heard you was gettin pretty good, so i thought id challenge ya. The theme is: Fast Food! Do with it what you will. But don't rush through this, take ur time. I wanna fight you in your prime. Judges will be the first three to post. And......GO! Due Friday.