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    Another famous voice?!?!?!?!

    Master Xehanort hmmm, I think Mark Hamil could do a good job of voice acting him. Just listen to his role as Fire Lord Ozai from Avatar.
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    Another famous voice?!?!?!?!

    I think Aaron Eckhart could do a good job with Terra. As for Aqua I'm thinking Jennifer Morrison would be an ok choice.
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    How can Terra be Xehanort?

    In all honesty from what I have seen in the TGS 09 trailer it seems pretty obvious that the darkness that already dwells in Terra's heart will over power him and twist him into the Xehanort from KH 1 and 2. It's very similar to Riku in that Riku also had darkness dwelling in his heart but Riku...
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    Master Eraqus (?) and Land of Departure

    Well they may not have wanted him to look exactly like Mr. Sakaguchi. You know like a homage to him rather than him being directly inserted into the game, that would make sense to me. Still it doesn't have to be based of anyone I don't suppose.
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    BBS Fan Art

    Hey everyone this is my first time posting a piece of my artwork here and this is going to be fully completed sometime tomorrow I just want some critiques so I can change anything that needs to be before it is finallized and to see what everyone thinks of it. So let me know what you think! :D
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    Download only?

    Well the other upside to downloads is it will be a lot cheaper than buying a physical copy, because a physical copy has a few things tacked onto the price such as the retailers fees, the packaging price, and the money for the materials that were used to make the disk. With a download your just...
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    Who's The Best of The BBS Trinity?

    People are gonna hate me for it but I much prefer Terra over Ventus, just because Ventus is to whinny for my liking and at least Terra has conviction. Aqua is my second favorite of the three because she is supporting both her friends and trying to help everyone she can. Also Ventus is too much...
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    The Unbirth Symbol

    It does indeed resemble their antennas, it still doesn't really help figure out more about them unfortunately. However it is a very cool way to get their symbol. I must commend Tetsuya Nomura for this design idea! :D
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    Mystery Solved?

    The same could be said for a lot of things though, I know my theory about Unbirths being pure darkness has some possibility to it however I also feel that this very simple explanation could work even better than mine.
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    Mystery Solved?

    That isn't necessarily true, it is never stated whether or not a heart is required for a Heartless to exist but it does seem to be the implication, that since they did a similar type of name as nobodies, the heartless also do have hearts.
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    The "Key" to the Unbirths.

    Highly doubt any of that since, Heartless and Nobodies don't exist simultaneously with Unbirths.
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    Unbirth Symbol Theory

    Plus even if that were true usually, like what was said earlier. The names of enemies in Kingdom Hearts such as Heartless, do in fact have a heart. So even if Nomura did say that he could have been trying to mislead people just like he did with Xion, lol.
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    Unbirth Symbol Theory

    Couldn't have said it better myself, although I do believe he was only theorizing. Either way I was just posting that interview qoute there, which by the way, is all mentioned in the All we know so far about BBS sticky.
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    Unbirth Symbol Theory

    Well the only quote I could find from an interview with Nomura where he talked about Unbirths was this, "Nomura: There is meaning in various ways, adding "un" creates the opposite meaning of "birth" thus the "unbirth". With this, the "unborn" is given real meaning. Unbirths designate the feeling...
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    The "Key" to the Unbirths.

    I believe the picture of Sora in the pod with the X through it probably means false, or lies. So if the X does mean that then, that would mean the first MX picture with a cross through it would mean he is speaking lies/not telling the truth maybe? If that was the case then that would also mean...
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    The "Key" to the Unbirths.

    That is true but a picture puzzle can not be solved without all the pieces at least not etirely. So until all the hints are there I don't think anyone will figure it out, outside of a random lucky guess.
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    The "Key" to the Unbirths.

    I have tried for many hours now and outside of random guesses I don't think there is a logical way to figure out your theory, which is probably why it took 6 months to figure out the Ventus one you made a while back Audo, lol! XD
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    Vens clothes

    That doesn't mean it couldn't be, the more likely answer is that, yes he is desperate for some outside reason. It's like I said though any of the ideas here could theoretically be correct as far as we know. I am just waiting to see which ideas will be the right ones out of all of them.
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    After a thousand Xehanort theories....

    Another very well written theory, that has originality to it. Even though I do enjoy your theory I must stick with mine if you care to give it a read. Check out the Master Xehanort... THE GOOD GUY?! thread. ;) Maybe yours will be the right one though I look forward to finding out which of the...
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    Vens clothes

    I like it that they have armour incorporated into their designs, as far as aesthetics go.