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  1. K

    What happens when you touch a Moogle's PomPom?

    What happens if you touch my pom pom? >_> Naughty, naughty you... In the part of your mind you keep enshadowed that you use only when you're home alone.. Think naughty. There's your answer. =D o_o I'm jk... Yeah, I think it's their 'kupo' button too.
  2. K

    who cried at the end?

    I sorta stared at the screen blankly for like 4 hours, processing the fact that i beat it.....and it was rediculously easy. The way they played 'Simple and Clean' really slow sorta made me sniffle a little, though.
  3. K

    What do you WANT out of KH2?

    Well c'mon. I want some bad-ass FF villans in KH2. First KH ruled and all but they used the most common characters and only covered FFVII and FFVIII. I wanna see some FF9 characters! It'd OWN if you could battle alongside Zidane! FF6 (or 3 ^.~) characters would've been awesome too. Imagine: Boss...