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    New Scans?

    Hey, thanks a lot, they all are awesome.
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    hmmm...I think I should agree with you. It's in every game so it should be in it too!
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    Terra/Xehanort poll

    hmmm.it's hard to tell, but I think that Xeahnort might be Terra
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    I might spoil myself just a bit.!
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    hey guys i thought you would like to know

    A snuggie?? But still looks comfy!
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    Which battle do you like? (KH2)

    Roxas vs. Twilight Thorn, Sora, Donald Goofy vs. Xaldin and Sora, Donald Goofy vs. Demyx
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    Birth by Sleep Japanese Commercial [Translated] + download link. All Commercial Discussion go here

    Thanks a lot! The Terra and Aqua fight seems awesome, so they are kinda using Hikari again??
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    What world do you think you will like the most

    Enchanted Dominion, Deep Space and Castle of Dreams
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    Master Erauqs vs Master Xehanort

    I h'd say Master Xeahnort of course.
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    Favorite Focus

    I think I will say Terra's Focus :D:D
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    What will be unlocked?

    I am not too sure but maybe some kind of secret ending I guess...
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    So what do you think about riding keyblades?

    I don't think it's gonna be too good but it still sounds better (not than the Gummi ship)
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    High Quality Screens From Famitsu.Com

    Hey thanks a lot for the HQ scans And kid Kairi is looking a lot better than the big Kairi!
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    It took me a lot of time to beat her maybe more than a month She was really a hard time for me too
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    Miley Dances Like Crazy

    Miley was seen with Lady Gaga meeting the Queen of England. Here's video that shows Miley dancing like crazy to the song Bad Romance behind the scenes. YouTube - Miley does the Bad Romance!
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    Full 7 pages from this week's Famitsu (translated)

    Thanks a lot for the translated scans.
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    BbS Boxart (Higher resolution)

    Re: BbS Boxart? I think it might be, but umm.. the cover art is not too good!
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    Question about new scan

    They most likely look to me as the Lucky Charms.
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    Question about new scan

    Re: Orbs of fun :D I think the same, the orbs might be the lucky charms.
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    That would be awesome if it will happen! there will be more fun.