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  1. mz. eggsy

    get people craving your crotch

    by sharing sexy text msg's: "cant stop thinking of you inside me. the cat died." "im so fucking horny and drunk at work and i got fired" "thinking about you doing a sex with my reproductive organs. mmm i got goosebumps" "im trying to work at my work but im totally preoccupied with how many...
  2. mz. eggsy

    i got a joke

    a dog walks into a bar. he cant talk or order anything because he is a dog. he growls at the black people, though
  3. mz. eggsy

    i found a nest of indian and poked it long enough they swarmed out and tried to

    invite me to a delicious , ancient, meal and discuss our different cultural legacies!
  4. mz. eggsy

    sex is a myth

    thoughts? babies just form spontaneously!!!! nobody actually does sex. keep clinging to your pathetic fable of fluid exchange
  5. mz. eggsy

    Raymond vs. Predator

    Omnibapes theatre presents: RAYMOND VS. PREDATOR an Usher fanfiction by mz. eggsy Chapter 1 It was a dark night in December. Chicago's mean streets cooled off with the winter snow, and exhaust was coming from Usher's hotel bedroom. A gnarlish smell had formed from the sexual healing he...
  6. mz. eggsy

    i cant get this juice box straw out of the cellophane so i'm going to kil myself

    this is the final straw!!!!!!
  7. mz. eggsy

    Help/Support ► This couldn't get anymore f'd up...

    I see, then I will edit: you desperately don't want to lose what you perceive to be "the right one," but even then "love" isn't "the right one," do you see what I'm saying? "Love" isn't just a feeling, and I don't think you understand the other, more important half. (like Sam said) edit: also...
  8. mz. eggsy

    Help/Support ► This couldn't get anymore f'd up...

    At this point I'm not even sure if it's "love," rather some glint that somebody actually accepts you and you desperately don't want to lose it, and you're confusing it with "love." get a grip dude. I mean literally. just crank your wiener until goop central and forget you actually considered this
  9. mz. eggsy

    Please, No Music Discussion

    Hiya folks. This thread is going to be a little different. Spelunking through the first page of this section of KHI, there has been this noticeable trend of threads that, for the most part, pertain to more recent bands. Being as it may, I primarily listen to a lot more older bands and I'm...
  10. mz. eggsy

    Topic 6: take drugs (coping with failure)

    IS YOUR LIFE SUCCEED AND FEEL GOOD? - YES GOTO POAGE 166 - NO STAYR ON THIS PAGE there is a 99.8786 percetile chance yuo fail in life . buts whye ? simpole: life intentional show you yu suck so you can experiencre failuire in order to succed. my late grandfatherf dick goku told me this: "only...
  11. mz. eggsy

    somebody post that one bear picture

  12. mz. eggsy

    Help/Support ► no oujia board in my household

    yeah he said an outrageous thing how could he not be
  13. mz. eggsy

    Help/Support ► no oujia board in my household

    Ladies, before the Ouija "decides" to work, you need to accept Satan as lord and saviour last time I used a Ouija to contact my dead mom and she just told me "Clean your room" it's not worth it
  14. mz. eggsy

    Hemorrhoids due to pregnancy (marriage ending, natch)

  15. mz. eggsy

    My brother won't stop saying ass.

  16. mz. eggsy

    Seeking career in fart translation and ass linguistics. dad sez no way