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    Back in Black

    hey all I figured I would start posting a bit. I know a lot of you prolly dont remember me but I used to be a constant poster here
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    Help/Support ► Meeting Girls

    Ok I figure I will post here because it is as good as any place to get advice. Well I am in college right now and I still havent had a single real girlfriend which annoys me. I figure my problem is that I never meet any new girls partially because of my major (computer science and engineering...
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    Scariest moment EVER

    well at least for a computer nerd.... Well I was listening to music and trying to compress some files into a zip file. All of the sudden the music stops and I get a weird error message and the screen went black. When it returned all of the widows involving my E-drive (my spare hard drive) were...
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    Help/Support ► What should I do?

    ok then PM a mod so they can do it
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    Help/Support ► What should I do?

    for starters are you talking to me? Secondly anyone can give their opinion
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    Help/Support ► What should I do?

    Ok For starters I would like to state it isnt your fault. It isnt anyone's fault per say. The fact is that we as humans are built to search for someone and when we get attached to someone it really hurts when they are no longer with us. The main thing to look at is the fact that life goes on. It...
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    Help/Support ► I pick a petal and pray it's the one I wanted.

    ok I will throw my 2 cents in. My sister has the same problem (the weight and random despising herself because of her weight). I may not know you very well but you seem like a really great person. In my opinion physical appearance is not that important. I am sure you are not as fat as you think...
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    PSXE Emulator

    hey I downloaded a PSXE emulator and I tried to play a game with it and the frame rate for it is so fast. The cutscenes go by in a few seconds. Anyone know how to fix it??
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    The book in yen sids tower

    I have read It but I dont remember clues
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    who are the three knights?

    Well the theory about ES being Xehanort is wrong because when you rechallenge the ES in FM he says he hates Xehanort
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    Secret Ending prequel to KH?

    OK here me out. Everyone has been talking about the three knights and such and I want to focus on the ending with mickey's cameo. What if the secret ending was what caused mickey to disappear in the first place. If everyone remembers mickey appeared in the realm of darkness at the end of KH. We...
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    Help/Support ► lol, crazy?

    Ok well since you posted here which means you will accept any joe-smo's opinion I will give it to you: In my experience with relationships there is usually a tendency of one of the people in the relationship to want to still hang around with their old friends and the other to stick with their...
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    Help/Support ► Friend problems

    I am glad you enjoyed it lol. You should definitely tell her off for god's sake who made her the ruler of the universe? She seriously needs to lay off the drugs. Next time you try to talk to you friend Caitlin (which sounds like cute name btw) and Icky tries to butt in say "I am sorry but was I...
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    lol yea I felt so dumb after looking at the selection screen's description of the forms and then looking at what the mirrors said. Because I wondered what the mirror's significance was and now I know
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    Help/Support ► Friend problems

    I my self am usually soft spoken and I encountered a sort of similar problem. I had a friend that I asked to the prom. I liked this girl a lot and I was excited for it but then she got a boyfriend and I broke the prom date thing off because it would be too hard on me. That took all the guts I...
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    Help/Support ► Serious Issue NOT A JOKE!

    I get the same feelings when I am in Calc class or any class that lasts for a long time. I just wait for it to pass and try to keep my cool during it. I feel like I want to jump up and kick over a desk or something because it is anxiety. You and I become very anxious and that causes the other...
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    Knight Defeated Aftermath Video

    I sitll want to know what his item he gave does
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    Knight Defeated Aftermath Video

    Did anyone ever find out what that item does?
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    ok this may sound stupid to some people but I just realized something. In the beginning in the Tower in Twilight town when you get your clothes there are a bunch of mirrors around you I believe it is 5 and I just realized they represent the forms one says you see yourself consumed by...
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    I think the game

    ok there are like 200 of these threads there was no need to make another you could have just posted on another one