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  1. Random Queen

    maester xehanort is riku's dad

    Okayyy... Anyway. Yeah but Anakin Skywalker was in his 20s/30s when he got Padame *sp?* preggo. And Luke was well in his late teens/early 20s when he found out that Darth Vader IS his father (Anakin Skywalker). MX is like in his 50s/60s and Riku is 5. Yes I do understand that men in there 70s...
  2. Random Queen

    maester xehanort is riku's dad

    Hey cheer up, Steve. Whether you were being serious or not, you made one hell of a thread! It made me laugh, yes. But still...you don't need to be so down on yourself because everyone else made a joke from it *an epic joke at that XD*
  3. Random Queen

    Official BbS Pre-Order Discussion Thread

    Re: Who's pre-ordered so far? I preordered it a month ago and only have like 20 some odd dollars to pay on it.
  4. Random Queen

    People from the band got hurt

    I don't exactly know where to put this but people from the HS I go to got hurt. It started with a tractor trailer having a popped tire then a van hit the tractor trailer and after the 2 buses hit that. 50 people got injured, 2 died. Plz pry for the injured people. These are students I go to...
  5. Random Queen

    Help/Support ► Car vs PSP

    The PSP and BBS will still be there. A car is more important then a PSP.
  6. Random Queen


    Alright, I made a thread on this subject a while back but it got out of hand and I closed it down. I didn't want to remake it until I knew everything was settled down, but I guess I waited a little longer then I should have. There is a good reason. I started a vlog on the 20th and yesterday I...
  7. Random Queen

    Isn't it funny how Sora...

    Only cuz you have to level up a kazillion times. That's why I didn't even bother with Sephiroth.
  8. Random Queen

    Isn't it funny how Sora...

    Wow...That was the dumbest come back ever. Some one ban this stupid person already.
  9. Random Queen

    Isn't it funny how Sora...

    What? Even in final form Sora would get his ass kicked. You're a dumbass. Seriously. Shut up.
  10. Random Queen

    Isn't it funny how Sora...

    No way. Terra, Aqua, and Ven would kick Sora's a$$ 1000 times over. You're a dumba$$
  11. Random Queen

    My friend rapped over a Kingdom Hearts II sample. *MUSIC VIDEO IS NOW OFFICIALLY OUT*

    Re: My friend rapped over a Kingdom Hearts II sample. As far as I see, they are talking about the rap. I didn't like it. It might be in the beat of Passion but it has nothing to do with KH at all....
  12. Random Queen

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep PSPgo/PSN

    Damn, now all that complaining for nothing.... Oh wait...as I recall it's on the PSP 3000, so I'm good ;)
  13. Random Queen

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Voices

    You're welcome person with a name I'll never remember b/c it's #s and letters =/ Anyway, also you double posted.
  14. Random Queen

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Voices

    The only people that are spoiled by this are the ones that actually watch the end credits =/ Anyway...Yay familiar voices :) Can't wait.
  15. Random Queen

    PSP games?

    I got a PSP primarily for BBS, but I'm wondering if there are any cool action type games for it.
  16. Random Queen

    Help/Support ► School's out,but...

    Go get a life. That's always fun. Or you could hold up a bank and run away when the person goes to get the money. Make sure to get the video because that's proof that you were there.
  17. Random Queen

    Guess who's 17 today?

    I AM :)
  18. Random Queen


    What is up with the censors on swearing as of recently?
  19. Random Queen


    I agree with Reika. But the only thing I see with this is, I got Days for Christmas break. Granted I finished it in like 3 days but when I got back to school, I made the same grades I've been getting. It's a game. No need for it to ruin your academic life =/
  20. Random Queen

    Battle in the Land of Hearts (retry) [Discussion and Sign Ups]

    Yes, I'm redoing BITLOH. I wanted to do a part 2 but couldn't because of school, so right now I promise a possible part 2. I even started a rough draft story. But in the mean time, we are restarting this one. If you were here before and need to get your old template(s) the link is provided here...