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    Mission Mode?

    You've probably found it by starting, but in regards to 2, you actually get crowns for mission mode, and sigils for challenges in single player. Considering that Echoes of Time has online multiplayer, using technology that SE developed, I'm kind of surprised that this doesn't have some form of...
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    358/2 Days Final Mix list

    I've thought about a Reverse/Rebirth style mode for Xion, I'd like to see what she did during all those days after she first met Riku. But most of all, I want her to have something unique in mission mode. She's my main character for it, so I'm kind of frustrated that Roxas gets the dual wielding...
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    What struck you as odd?..

    Seeing Jiminy mentioned reminded me of him, and Chip and Dale. They're always there, just as much allies as Donald and Goofy, and yet we never hear about them. I honestly forgot Chip and Dale were there for the most part. And considering that I'm one of the few people that really liked the...