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    Random logouts?

    At times I keep randomly logging out without pressing the Log Out button or getting a message saying I am logging out. By refreshing the page I'm either still logged out or I'm logged back in without having to put in my username and password again. However this keeps happening, so I'm wondering...
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    KH2 Final Mix Re-Release

    American games become Player's Choice/Greatest Hits games and get a lower price. Why not ask about that as well? anyway. Seriously its S-E's choice. They don't have to, and its probably better they don't as they would lose moneyNot many people by re-releases of games.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Single Segment speedrun by me.

    Yes I did, thats one reason why the time is so low, and its required by the site.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Single Segment speedrun by me.

    Nope no cheats. The site doesn't like cheating at all. As for it being done in a short time, its only the required stuff, which isn't much, and abuse of Limits/Drives/anything that deals massive damage.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Single Segment speedrun by me.

    Speed Demos Archive - Kingdom Hearts II Comments I wrote here for those who don't feel like reading them there. I plan on putting it up on Youtube soon for those who don't want to download the run.
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    Searching for a Video editing program/Movie Maker help

    As the title says, I'm looking for a new video editing program. Just about any will do, but I need something with a flame effect, such as the words appear with flames around them or something similar. Also, I'm having trouble with Windows Movie Maker. When I start it up, make a movie, and go to...
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    Can someone test this strategy for me?

    Before using the sleight.
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    Can someone test this strategy for me?

    Uh, I'm not sure if anyone got my question. I'm asking if my Ars Arcanum + Genie Jafar strategy would work in a link battle. Not against bosses.
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    Can someone test this strategy for me?

    Recently I found a way to kill Heartless very easy using a combo of Ars Arcanum and the Genie Jafar Card. Only problem using this is that all bosses I"ve tested it on(Except Darkside) counterattack it(Marluxia, Axel, Larxene, Vexen, and Riku have counterattacked). Any chance this strategy would...
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    Favorite Keyblade

    Ultima Weapon One Winged Angel Oblivion
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    Anyone noticed?

    Just wondering but which battle are you talking about? Just wondering since I'll probably replay it again just to listen to it.
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    Old guy returning

    I used to come here months ago but after a while I stopped coming here so I thought I would check up. And I notice that the RPG is still having some troubles. Well then, guess I'll have to start over again.
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    Me and my hobo knife

    Stabbin people is my life. First I'll go and find a wife Then I'll learn how to play the fife. If you want the rest of this song donate to me 1000 gil. j/k
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    Fanfiction ► Dead or Alive: Past Encounters

    Here's chapter 8. The story will conclude at chapter 10. Please review. Chapter 8: Retribution Ayane: So you have arrived. I was wondering when the son of Elizabeth and Mark Ryman would be here. Dan: Why did you kill them?! I know you wanted something but I doubt they stole it...
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    I once shot a guy to watch him die.

    Then I got distracted and missed it. Isn't that horrible?
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    Fanfiction ► Dead or Alive: Past Encounters

    Chapter 7: The fight among friends *Dan and Tina ran toward each other and tested each other’s strength in by locking hands with each other. Tina was proving victorious at first but Dan started to get the upper hand and knocked her back. He ran toward her and punched her in the stomach and...
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    I'm a monkey, feed me a peanut.

    Feed me a peanut cause I'm a monkey. Seriously give me a peanut. I'm starved.
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    Fanfiction ► Dead or Alive: Past Encounters

    Here's Chapter 6. Chapter 6: “A name I remember” *Dan ran at Kasumi and threw a punch at her. She moved her head out of the way and grabbed Dan’s arm and tossed him onto the ground. She then lifted him up and kicked him in the stomach and sent him flying. Dan got up again and looked at...
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    3 secret keyblades!

    Wow. Not only is this a lie it's a very bad lie. I mean jeez! They would have been discovered via Gameshark/Codebreaker/Action Replay/Strategy Guides/who-knows-how-much-time-of-playing.
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    Fanfiction ► Dead or Alive: Past Encounters

    I take it no one likes this story anymore?