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    Anyone know who Naoko Mori is?

    She's the one who sang the song in the credits of the ps2 game Uzumaki Naruto Ninden. i love that song so much but i couldnt find the lyrics or any info on naoko mori on the internet
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    Riku x Kairi sig

    i made this a while ago. its pretty simple but tell me what u think about it thanks:)
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    Who do you think is hotter?

    Tifa Lockhart (ff7) or Stella Nox Fleuret (ffvs13) I just couldnt make up my mind lol
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    Yuna - Everything I'm Not (AMV)

    its a final fantasy music video i made some time ago. just thought i posted it here too. lol yeah im promoting my vid so what?! lmao just kidding xD anyway tell me wut u think bout it^^ YouTube - Yuna - Everything I'm Not [FULL]
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    Hi there:) My name's ailene. u can call me ai, ailene, scarlet or wutever u want just make sure i dont hate it okay?:D im still new & i hope i can get along well with everyone here lol. nice to meet chu all^_^ love, Ai