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  1. padlock

    Wow. Over ten years of being a nerd.

    Wow. Over ten years of being a nerd.
  2. padlock

    KHInsider Presents: Unofficial Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Worlds English Trailer

    It's interesting, why would they make little edits like that. Language continuity/hiccups perhaps? Great editing though guys. Although for us who have played through the game a few times I pretty much knew what they were all saying without needing the English dub haha
  3. padlock

    Australian Classification Says Kingdom Hearts 2.5 is a Modified Version

    Well, it's not the biggest deal in the world, it's just frustrating that Australia is so... conservative about video games. I like to experience things as they are originally represented, and this is my favourite series, so I'd like to see it in it's original state. Ultimately, if I'm not able...
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    Australian Classification Says Kingdom Hearts 2.5 is a Modified Version

    It's going to be cheaper to import anyway, so I guess that makes my decision even easier! This is so annoying.
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep HD will be Previewed in next Famitsu!

    It's interesting, I remember reading famitsu scans when this was first released. A bit of a weird blast from the past seeing what is essentially the same thing covered again. Not that I'm complaining. I feel nostalgic about 2008/9.
  6. padlock

    The 3D sitch

    So, in the GameInformer interview Yasue talks about how they are still considering what to do with 3D in terms of re-releasing all the games for KH3. What if they did a KH3 Final Mix+ thing and make is Re:3D and release it as a special edition with KH3? I'm not entirely sure what they could add...
  7. padlock

    10 Minutes of KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMix Gameplay

    I'm pretty excited, even though I'm not going to be anywhere near my PS3 when this comes out! The graphical improvements are so nice.... It's sad that they didn't have time to redo coded - again (lol) as I felt that that had the funnest gameplay, however that should be mitigated by, hopefully...
  8. padlock

    Waddup peeps?

    So yeah I am back after a long hiatus/malaise. I think I haven't posted in like over a year o.O A lot of you guys probably don't remember me, but I'm here now :3 Hi Chaser and Gexus!
  9. padlock

    News ► THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU Crossover ~ Tribute Album Releasing 6/19!

    Hahahaha I remember having this conversation... I came here to comment "I thought there was going to be less TWEWY music news" lawlawlawroflcopteretcjgfdkdfkjldd. Nah I like TWEWY. But they have a lot of musics or something... :3
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Famitsu Weekly Scans!

    Oh yeah I agree it's all good in the hood *thumbs up*. It's just a funny thing in contrast to previous years massive updates about new worlds and characters and like, massive magazine "exclusives" etc etc and then hundreds and hundreds of comments :). I like seeing things not as crazy all the...
  11. padlock

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Famitsu Weekly Scans!

    Its a weird reveal isn't it? mostly just pretty pictures (which we could have gotten off the internet regardless). There isn't really any point in translating as none of it will be new information. Not that I'm complaining, it's nice to get something. It just seems that strange that it is a...
  12. padlock

    The in-world reasoning for flowmotion.

    So, I was wondering, is there any reason stated as to why Sora and Riku can suddenly superhero everywhere? I don't recall it ever being discussed by anyone, even though it is definitely not a gameplay only aspect as it appears in cutscenes.
  13. padlock

    How to Enter the Sleeping Worlds

    IT doesn't make any sense, whatsoever. Sora and Riku are shown to enter the sleeping worlds by being asleep (when we see their bodies at the Mysterious Tower, but at the end Sora physically travels to Traverse Town, a place that as Joshua described, doesn't even really physically exist. All of...
  14. padlock

    Circle Pad Pro Controls

    Also, ZL triggers Reality Shift when it is available :)
  15. padlock

    is there an order in KH3D?

    Although it should be noted that even though the difficulty level labels Pranksters Paradise AFTER The Grid, The Journal, Dive Order, And Keyblade order all imply that the Story for Prankster's Paradise comes before the Grid :)
  16. padlock

    Dream Eater Disposition Mood: How to!

    I don't understand. How does disposition even work/effect the game? I am over halfway through, and there are still a lot of things that I don't even understand hahaha.
  17. padlock

    Nintendo eShop KH3D Demo Impressions

    Padlock's Impressions~ Okay okay, omg omg omg, officially re-invigoured for DDD :). I have had the Demo since last Monday now, and It is now the most played thing according to the stats on my 3DS hahaha. Commands Anyone else love Ballonra? and Sparkga? Rainbows everywhere! yaaaaay! The one...
  18. padlock

    KH3D New Worlds Trailer! (Promo Video Compilation Thread)

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D - Flowmotion Trailer Five beautiful vainglorious days ;D AUSTRALIAN NON-SPOILER BRAG TEAM, ASSEMBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!
  19. padlock

    KH3D New Worlds Trailer! (Promo Video Compilation Thread)

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D - Flowmotion Trailer Eeeeeeeeh, this trailer just makes me want the demo more :c Why god?! Why did you give me this superstitious mother of mine?!! Thirty-three days... just thirty-three days....
  20. padlock

    Dream Drop Distance Demo Out Now!

    Waaaaaah!!! ASDFJKLSDGLKDFLKGSDFLKHSDGLG Goddamnit. I need this, but can't get til tomorrow D: !!!!!!! I should have downloaded it today when I was in free wifi in the city ;_; SO jealous of everyone who has it. How big is the download?