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    Some of the greatest verses of all time

    Here's one The World is Yours - Nas (off "Illmatic") I sip the Dom P, watchin Gandhi til I'm charged Then writin in my book of rhymes, all the words pass the margin To hold the mic I'm throbbin, mechanical movement Understandable smooth s**t that murderers move wit The thief's theme, play me...
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    Bandwagoners! (sports bandwagoners)

    Who hates them? I do! It's like they have no faith in any team they're reppin. If they win, they hop on the wagon. If they lose, they go to the next team that's winning. A classic example, unfaithful Lakers fans. We had the largest fan base in 1999-2002 during our 3 year reign as champions. When...
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    the texans / reggie

    that was another stupid move on yet another 1st round draft pick. how could any team pass up reggie bush, even worse, for a DE! they said it's a "football decision" but thats still a dumb move. reggie is a BEAST on special teams and as a RB. i believe he could have carried their offense ( u see...
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    Junk Sweep

    1 swing. check my video. what u do is move all the pieces into two columns side by side. then u take the remaining piece and hit it right down the middle. kinda like bowling...
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    One of the cleanest cartoon beats I ever heard

    Who else think the credits music to "The Boondocks" GO!!!
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    Where Do I Get A Mithril Crystal?

    To synthesize a Mythril Crystal, you must first synthesize the previous Mythril Shards, Stones, and Gems. I believe you need Serenity materials to upgrade each one to the next level.
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    My Twilight Town Mini Games Records

    Update! Check the new video above.
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    Poster Duty, and Struggle Help.

    I have beaten those records, including your "insane" one. Check it out here: http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?p=1265614#post1265614
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    My Twilight Town Mini Games Records

    After watching other people's mini games records in Twilight Town, I was inspired to break them myself (and I did =P) Here you go... http://youtube.com/watch?v=0TEPUvt6GHM I'm improving those records right now as I type. When I get 1000 on Grandstander, I'll put a new video up. Update...
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    Beat KH2, but STILL have questions!

    So if Sora doesn't remember Sephy because he was optional in KH1, then why is the Hades Cup trophy at the coliseum and the Hades Cup poster that says that Sora fought in? I'm not 100% sure but wasn't the Hades Cup in KH1 also optional? So the poster and trophy shouldn't of been there if it was...
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** Wait so then who is that last wielder(The one that's walking through the dust when the text "Memory of Xehanort" appears)? The 3 wielders in the center are supposedly Sora, Riku, and Kairi...
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    Best Accessories?

    What's the best accessories to equip on Sora at the end of the game? I know that the best armor is most likely 3 Ribbons. Would the best accessories be 3 Star Charms?
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    Favorite Reaction Commands

    With the new "Reaction Command" ability added to KH2, we all got to have some favorites. I haven't gone through the door yet to face Xemnas for the 2nd time, but here are my favorites (so far): Against boss(es) - Twilight Thorn battle, Cerberus battles, Hydra battle, Xemnas (First Battle)...
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    Gummi Ships

    Who liked them? I think the new gummi ship system is way better than the KH1 one (Even though I barely spend time on the gummi ships). Also who did the Level 1 and Level 2 missions for each world? I'm pretty sure they're not part of completing Jiminy's Journal but doing it could result in your...
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    Beserk Charge?

    Is the Beserk Charge ability worth equipping? Did anyone else equip it? It says: "Increases strength during MP Charge and enables combos to continue endlessly. The combo finishing move is not active while this is active" The plus side is endless combo. The bad side is no finishing move, which...
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    Ask me for Help

    ^wish i knew the answer but i can't say for sure I got a question myself. Is the Beserk Charge ability worth equipping? Did anyone else equip it? It says: "Increases strength during MP Charge and enables combos to continue endlessly. The combo finishing move is not active while this is active"
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    Boss Fights After You Get Final Form?

    Ok after you get Final Form, you have a few more boss fights. Between Valor, Master, and Final, which one would you use in these remaining boss fights? ( I guess I should also ask: which of these fights I should not drive because it might have a high percentage of driving into Anti-Form?) I...
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    NBA Playoffs Coming Soon...

    who's going to be in both conference finals? who's going to the finals? lets be real here ight.it will be spurs vs. suns in the west (spurs would play the mavs but since they're in the same division they can't) and the east will be pistons vs. heat. i dont know who will go to the finals but my...
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    Question for those who beat the game...

    Oh my bad I just found the error in the question I'm really trying to ask. What I really want to know is: For those who leveled up all the way (up to 99 i think), did you have enough AP to equip all of your abilities? Like from leveling up you get rewards like "Your AP has increased" and I'm...
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    Question for those who beat the game...

    By the time you got to the very last battle, did you have enough AP to equip all your abilities? Or did you have to find AP Ups and synthesize or something?