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  1. K

    Back for a while. :D

    Hey guys, I'm back for now. I had to leave so quickly because a few bad things happened, and because of exams and stuff, but I'm back now. Yay, so happy. :D
  2. K

    How long do you think KH2 will be?

    I'd like 70+ I love really long games! Don't ask why, I just do. :)
  3. K

    You guys remember cardcaptors? Did you like it?

    You know a show I thought was really good. Cardcaptors. I loved it. After the second series, they just didn't make anymore, after Li went back home, and Sukura made the hope card. I really wish they kept going, what do you think?
  4. K

    Did people just get coM just cause it was kingdom heart

    That's why I got it. It's seriously not that bad. :)
  5. K

    Do you think that BHK is...

    But if you are light AND dark, you could turn into either, it's your choice.
  6. K

    and then there was one.

    No, no. If I were to just say it, it'd be something like: "That's just great!" And if you read it through, it does make more sense.
  7. K

    and then there was one.

    Okay, yeah that makes more sense. ^_^
  8. K

    and then there was one.

    Right, so if they weren't relevent, why metion them in the first place?
  9. K

    and then there was one.

    Because they weren't relevent to the original story?
  10. K

    and then there was one.

    Okay, but if someone gives us a theory, we are expected to analyse. It's fun :D
  11. K

    and then there was one.

    Yeah, that's possible too, but I don't think there was any mention of him.
  12. K

    kh2 poster

    I see those guys, but it isn't very clear....:s
  13. K

    and then there was one.

    Just typing because your totally bored, so you just ramble on. I always thought Ansem worked alone, am I wrong??? :confused:
  14. K

    and then there was one.

    (laughs) You wrote it. :)
  15. K

    is sora cool or what?

    Yeah Sora's cool, and his outfit rocks! :D
  16. K

    and then there was one.

    I agree with the top part. There should definatly be more girls on the list, but there isn't! But the bottom bit I'm not sure about...
  17. K


    Hmm, Cloud as a playable character? That would be interesting.
  18. K

    do you guys think there will be

    Well there has to be, we can't know everything about the game. There has to be some surprises.
  19. K

    Skeleton Sora

    Ha,ha,ha. It would be weird if it was real, like he really was a skeleton.
  20. K

    Skeleton Sora

    Maybe, but wouldn't that be cool???^_^