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    sora's clothes=AC?

    I thought the other forms would come from allies for specific levels.
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    I just wanted that question answered
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    'k so, if you have another ally, like Jack and u fuse with him will you turn black or what? And just a lil funny thing, I thought if u were to combine mickey mouse and peter pan, you would get Michael Jackson, but I found out it was justother forms of sora.
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    kingdom hearts theory (no not the game, but the world itself)

    Have you ever wondered whether the org members were in KH with mickey when Sora closed it? In DD that weird lookin' place could be kingdom hearts and mickey may have gotten his robe there.
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    Secret Mesage in Passion

    wait, since it is in japanese only the japanese would be brainwashed
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    Theory of awesomeness!!!

    Maybe, that girl from CoM is actually BHK's Kairi and BHK is the other side to sora (since he also has 2 disney friends and most likely hung out with Vivi and those two other guys just like how Sora hung out with Selphie,Wakka, and Tidus). That would be why sora had such strong memories of the...