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    Final Form

    People like Hyato are the reason I don't come here very often... But, anyway, to clear up any confusion that might still be around... Final Form can be gotten ANYWHERE after the scene at Memory Skyscraper. It takes 2-3 tries Driving into one form to get it, and also you have to be in combat to...
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    Real org mebers real name

    ...I think Axel's real name is Ael/Ale`. That'd make more sense than Lea. Here's just my assumption on the others *and you forgot 1* *Spoilers* 1.) Ansem - Xemnas - Mansex (lol) 2.) Ias - Saix 3.) Lenea - Larxene 4.) Lumaria (Like loo-maria) - Marluxia 5.) Meyd - Demyx 6.) Dorlus - Luxord
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    Anti-form may be kh3 spoiler

    ...Anti-Form isn't a Heartless...It's not even related to the story. It's just a slap on the wrist for driving too much. -_-
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    To most who pre-ordered Dance with Joy! (I hope it happened to everyone)

    <_<; Wish it coulda happened to me...But, because I ordered from Gamestop, they said they might get it in 2-3 days early, but not be able to release it til' the 28th, because the store would be shut down for it...
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    Holy Hell! O_o Donalds A Pimp!

    http://funnyjunk.com/p/baddesign-jpg.html <- O_O...
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    Well...I always thought the move where the sky darkens and he slashes like crazy was like Cloud's Omnislash. The fire pillar move is like, a super fire move. *Flare pehaps* I also think the move where he throws the giant orb of fire and killing is Supernova. And I think the heartless angel...
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    I suggest instead of gliding towards Seph (Takes too damn long) you equip Strike Raid, and use that. It works REALLY GOOD, and one of the key moves I used to defeat him. If you get hit by Sin Harvest/Heartless Angel, quickly throw up an ether and cast Curaga, or use an Elixer. Do that, and what...
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    Pic request

    I have a request. I went through all the pages of the KHI Image Gallery, and could not find the CG Concept art like pics of Sora in his 3 differen't drive modes, and the standard. I've seen sigs with the pics, but still couldn't find them. So, if someone could link them to me here, I'd greatly...
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    Fanfiction ► khII ending

    Uhm...Ok, I'll come out with it. This is crap.
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts:The story through Riku's eyes

    I'm surprised this hasn't been deleted! Well, I plan to update soon, so there'll be new chapters. And about the last two chapters, that is what happens when you're stuck at home all summer, with a massive array of porn on your hands. The chapters won't be like that anymore, so don't worry! ^.~...
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    Fanfiction ► Comedy fic. O-o Yes. I'm back.

    It gets funnier along the way -.- You people don't seem to care though.
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    Baaaah, I'm out of it.

    I did, stop flaming me.
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    Baaaah, I'm out of it.

    I haven't been here in awhile, and was hoping somebody could give me any and all new info. Last I heard was the SE Party Trailor where Cloud and Leon were revealed.
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    Fanfiction ► Comedy fic. O-o Yes. I'm back.

    This is my collection of some of the funny stuff I wrote awhile back. I'll post the first part and you guys can tell me if you want me to continue or not. Story 1, Part 1: Destiny Islands: Gay's Paradise Sora and Riku are beating the crap out of eachother, argueing who gets to share the...
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    what are donald and goofy

    Wtf? YES There is Twilight, idiot. BHK, DiZ, and all of the Unkowns are Twilight. Some people say Riku is Twilight, but others say he's Dawn. Someone hasn't played COM I think. *CoughKHPlayercough*
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    what are donald and goofy

    Are Donald and Goofy light,dark, or twilight. They are none of those. They are two genetically altered hemiroids growing on your ass.
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    I'm sure most people in the GFX section know of him. He's a very talented artist. But, the reason I have made this thread is about his New Name. His name hasn't changed on the forums, but it's what he goes by now. His name is CUDDLY FLUFFS CORY Make sure every time you see him you tell him...
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    Fanfiction ► Who is BHK??? ( What's his name)

    ......The f***ing hell?! WRONG SECTION IDIOT! Oi-vey, friggin' n00bs. LOCKED