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    Tsubasa ReservoiR Chronicles New OvaS

    :toungesmile: If you already see the 3 OvaS from TRC Tokyo Revelations that was just the beginning it seems the original story from the manga will be made animated and for sure it will be as cool as the ovaS xD here's the official web page for the ovas...
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    KH: Organization 13th ANIME "funny" :)

    Just copy the link here is a intro from an anime called Lucky Star.. i think so..?? o_O xD but they changed all characters in it, for kingdom hearts oneS :D ... they're more based on the organization members, it's like a 358/2 days anime or something like that here's the link...
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    Kingdom hearts 2 manga vol 3 and 4?

    Also i recommend you Tsubasa ReservoiR chroNicles is One of the best animated ManGa serias i have ever seen and read...lol is from CLAMP.... the creators of some cool series... the strory line is such ...like kingdom Hearts but put it in another way.....to be truth even better... taking...
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    Kingdom hearts 2 manga vol 3 and 4?

    whOooa!!!!!1 that's extreame lol.... maybe i'll go the same some DaY xD stilll 18 years old...:toungesmile:
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    Kingdom hearts 2 manga vol 3 and 4?

    also talking about them there is the 3rd volume cover on internet and it shows mulans world ...and if i remember well mushu xD wasn't on the first manga series...i mean not even the summons so that cuts lot of story from kH series... :closedeyes:but it leads still the main story intact but how...
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    Kingdom hearts 2 manga vol 3 and 4?

    Nah those are from the first kingdomhearts series i suppose it was something that wasn't on the first mangas... xD
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    Terra's Motives

    :closedeyes:well yeah but i never said that i got to be truth i said that is the most supported theory at some way....cause for me it has lot of logycal ( xP ), but everyone has many points of view, but well will see the truth when kh 358/2 days and KH BbS comes out !!!! till then is the most...
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    TSUBASA so kingdomHearts at some waY lol xD!!!

    hey people check This... xD <img src="http://fc04.deviantart.com/fs21/f/2007/273/a/e/Kingdom_Chronicles_by_Hentai_Sweetie.jpg"> but still both series are so kooL i lUV :thumbsup:them so what you thinG from tsubasa... dd you see the last special chapters better known has the ovaS where you can...
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    Terra's Motives

    ok supposed about the different personalities but it says that when xenarhort or whoever was it that take him back from the dead with out memories so it will...be him at some way..also it has alot o logicall...check the originall theory... i mean from where i found it and take it..:blush...
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    Terra's Motives

    hey people imporTant clue the biggest from all the speculations you have made...terra is definitley xemnas or xeharnorth, at some way he will become him...caus you guys remember whe in the final mix II xemnas is saying to the armored guy that is on the floor and by the look is aqua, is saying hi...
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    Okay. Why?

    "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKWfWTdyOQk" this page up as nothing to be be with the topic but i need some one who can put it on the right place i found a page video from youtube showing the sunset horizoNz place but with a music of FFVII as background the weirdst thing is that everybody...