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    Altered Deep Dive video (my own)

    Oh well, I thought the ending fit perfectly, I find that quote being said quite dramatic, but hey, that's just me.
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    Altered Deep Dive video (my own)

    I also find the song fitting since it means children of fate. There's no real reason more than one oathkeeper or oblivion couldn't exist, even though oblivion has a dark version of Soras necklace(as the keychain) there's nothing to say the BHK can't use something similar of his own and get the...
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    whats chernabog

    Wow, so Ansem has Satan working for him?
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    Altered Deep Dive video (my own)

    I was trying to make a simple change to Deep Dive by swapping its audio for another. I eventually used Liberti Fatali from Final Fantasy VIII and I found it worked well (in my own opinion). You can download it here. http://s51.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2GMHCF1JXSLF73IVGHGIXLHZJA
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    Dual Wielding Techiques

    Hmm, since he has met Squall/Leon he'll use a Squall like attack. He'll put energy into both keyblades bring them together create a large energy beam and slam it into the nearest enemy(or group, it'll do a shockwave around it to hit nearby enemies, like Squalls Blasting Zone from FFVIII).
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    Kingdom key secret

    It's just because now that you're using the Kingdom Key you're at a high level and by then it doesn't matter because you've gotten better at the game. I can easily beat Sephiroth with the Kingdom Key, it's fun.
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    What is your fave quote from KH?

    Leon: I went easy on him. Looks like things are worse than we thought. A lot worse. Riku: Yes. A Keyblade. But unlike yours, this Keyblade holds the power to unlock people's hearts. Allow me to demonstrate... (quickly thrust the Keyblade to Maleficent's heart)Behold! Maleficent: Wha- Riku: Now...
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    KH Beta Trailer

    I noticed the FMV changes as well. The Riku ones were coool. Like him on top of the clocktower and when he talks to Sora evilly.
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    KH Beta Trailer

    Here, I uploaded it. Download it here. http://s49.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3V1DV9FH8DUCR22484B4HMOPI5
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    How come Riku doesn't have a keyblade after COM?

    I think he's realized it's not the weapon that gives you power but your heart. Thus, if he had a keyblade to use it would probably be as strong as his Soul Eater. Maybe it's even that the Soul Eater is Rikus perfect weapon.
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    What would happen if the Keychain got ripped off the Keyblade??

    Hmm..I don't believe it could be broken. Being that the Keyblade is made of hearts (I think) it probably can't be ripped off without subsituting another chain for it. Or maybe it'll give the keyblade a new form. The blade itself seems pretty invincible (you can block any physical attack after...
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    3 secret keyblades!

    Obvious hoax. Idiot, don't post until you've done it yourself AND have proof.
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    Is C.O.M. coming on PS2??

    Why would it? It was made especially for the Gameboy as a small thing to tide us over'till KH2. That and I don't think there's enough story to make it into a PS2 game it's rather short after all.
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    *spoiler* what ever happened to zexy?

    Actually Riku Replica killed Zexion. Riku just extremely hurt him.
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    bhk,sora,riku, king mickey; all keyblade masters?

    Actually his keychain is gold instead of silver so we could probably assume the color of a key chain may change the keyblades color as well since his Keyblade is basically an inverted Kingdom Key.
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    Can Sora survive in OUR world? (Earth)

    Bah, if Sora could battle the likes of Ansem and Sephiroth I don't think Sora will be taken out by a handgun. They can just as easily survive on Earth as any other planet they battle on.
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    Cloud can be in your party?

    Re: Cloud??? Cloud is sort of in your party, but only in Chain of Memories. You can use him as a summon after a storyline event.
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    Cloud can be in your party?

    Re: Cloud??? Yes, it is a lie.
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    What is your favorite Heartless?

    Re: What is your favorite heartless? The Crum guardian. Edit: I meant the Shadow Guardian (Ansems bodyguard).
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    Seen it Before

    Actually it is big Ben. It's just that it reminds Sora of the tower from Twilight Town. It has to be Big Ben otherwise it means Jane has been to other worlds.