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    i totally agree w/ vexen being a "transexual wierdo" but dude marluxia and roxas r tight!!! axel's pretty cool to but when 386/2 days comes out, i wanna use all characters except 4 roxas (might as fight w/sora) and Xemnas (might as well play star wars!). Now #14...
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    Birth By Sleep-Movie-

    idk but if they made the entire series into a movie, that cud b cool if it included the FM parts cuz my parents probably wont let me get FM or FM+ and i don't have a ds so i can't play 358/2 days
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    when u get to hades paradox if ur not leveled up enough and u still need 2 level ur drive forms for wisdom go run around in the underworld and for final go to the tower near yen sids place. for valor fight seph and lose cuz i think u still get exp and for master go 2 land of dragons. that way u...
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    Going to a different world

    u can but you have 2 first exit the world from the 1st room and go back to a castle oblivion hall then you may enter a previous world but your progress will b erased for both worlds.
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    So hard to find...

    i bought it at the local EB for like $25
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    Using symbolism to identify Marluxia, a few things come to mind. 1) The flowers symbolize life but also death. Flowers are a part of nature which is the endless cycle of life and death then rebirth 2) The scythe can be compared to the one of the Grim Reaper which gives it control over death...