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    Funniest line in kh2

    "You know, the ones who tried to take over Halloween and Christmas. What are they called again? Heartless?" "They're defenetly not with us! But Donald Goofy and I can get rid of them for you. And then, we can go see Santa!"
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    Yes!!!!! I Finaly Beat It!!!!!!!!

    hey can some one help me? i need help witha riku battle the one where hes in hes grass skrit( gay) and Namanie is about to tell u about the other girl
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    If u need help with COM Ask me!

    how do i beat Riku in his grass skirt when Namane is about to tell u about Kari
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    the monstro level..to much for me

    lvl up i beat it in like 10 mins
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    Is there any secret ending in KH COM??

    yes there is on www,google.ca/ typ in Kingdom Hearts 3 and there will be pics of it