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    GCSE results

    hey everyone i was wondering how everyone did on their exams, i'm proud of my results Drama - A Art - B French - B English - C English Literature - C Maths - C ICT - C Food tech - D Science - D
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    Why? Isn't my heart broken enough?

    Ok i have a huge problem with this guy. I've been going out with this guy for the past two months and before that i had fancied him for ages, well anyway, we were so in love i loved him so much i can't even tell how much, we were great together and everyone said so, but we recently had an...
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    Fanfiction ► Hope and Hatred (a HP fanfic)

    I started this fanfic before the sixth book came out so excuse the fact that it is set to the sixth year, please tell me what you think of the first chapter :D Chapter 1: The letter As he looked out of the window there was nothing but darkness, the moon had gone, the stars were covered by...
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    Release date for KH2

    first i didnt alter anything, cos i didn't make that banner i got it off another site that i found in a search engine ok, so dont accuse me before you know the facts and secondly i'm just saying what i heard there's no need to have a go at me because i was telling you something that i had heard...
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    Release date for KH2

    i've read that it should be out this month in one of my ps2 magazines, wow i sound like a geek lol
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    New girl here

    Hey every1, i'm new here and wanted to say hi, my name's Kelly and i love Kingdom Hearts can't wait for the secon one 2 come out, Riku and Leon rule :D Love Kelly xxx