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    New Heartless

    yea, there not heartless, at least not anymore. they could have been heartless. or there nobodies, or thier empty shell, or the other side of the heart, or creatures created by DiZ, the list goes on forever
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    What Would you do if BHK were to fight you?

    but what if BHK is a girl!!! a whole new story could be unfolding in the underground headquarters of KH. ...i would tell you if i could, damn tasers
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    Fighting all the heartless with the Kingdom K.

    summon simba, and then do a humungo proud roar. then use tink and go crazy with strike raid. dumbo and mushu would be helpful too
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    Kindom Hearts FINAL MIX clip/Extension

    yeah, this happens in deep dive. i think there talking about throwing the keyblade, because if they didn't discuss that blindfolded unknown would be sliced in half by a flying keyblade
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    Question Of The Day!!!!

    i would hold my arms up for three episodes, while they conviently don't attack and then use a spirit bomb
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    Wondering about the Trailer

    Re: Hmmm I was Wondering about the Trailer This years E3 is gonna have so much stuff, i can't wait next gen consoles, KH2 stuff, Soul Calibur 3?, Camelot's plans on Golden Sun, new link game, FFXII, Tekken 5, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH 4 WHOLE MONTHS
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    Yet another BHK theory

    yeah, i posted ur first theory before, but the second one is new, i think its pretty reasonable
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    Questions for Chain of Memories

    Re: Not All There maybe some are assigned to sora, some to BHK, and some to Riku since like sora didn't even see two of the unknowns in Castle Oblivion
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    Where to Download a compiled HQ Kingdom Hearts Cut-scene Video?

    but twenty bucks? its easier to just play the game, or watch the videos on kingdomhearts.net
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    Yuna Confimered For Kh2!!!

    you guys need to read, somebody just prooved that Yuna was not confirmed and that is was just a fan rumor
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    uhhhhh Blake leader of the orginization (yea i know the real leader is probably DiZ) weapon, dual keyblades soul eater and oblivion
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    Got a question...

    i only got like four, i think it helps to use teeming and almighty darkness cards
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    Connections between FFVII + KH2

    yea, they just put FF people in to make it seem less disneyish
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    Need Help bad in R/R

    an easy way to beat any boss in r/r is to go into dark mode, do a double jump, and attack with a nine card this hits the enemy 3 times and most of the time they cant block it and take advantage of your boss cards
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    Anyone beat CoM yet?

    ...hey chuck, he was talking about a person not a game wow...some people
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    The Twilight...

    why do people think there is a relationship between Namine and Kairi?
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    Dimond Dust Cards

    it only helps to use diamond dust against Axel, by the time you get 1WA, vexen is long dead
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    Normal or Expert

    what piece of artwork are you talking about? can you a link to a pic?
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    Most Hardest Boss to beat

    revise rebirth was to easy, but in sora's story, riku IV was a pain in the butt
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    kh 2 worlds

    that means no more merlin or poo...NOOOOOO POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO