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    king mickey summon

    i heard somewhere that if you complete EVERYTHING in the game and go to timeless river there will be anew door to the left where u help mickey fight sum heartless and then he gives u the king charm so he becomes a summon. i dunno if this has alreayd been proven false or wut. does ne1 know nething?
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    Random Orchalicum +...

    i cna only find 7 of the 13 i need for the ultima weapon and i hav no idea were to get the others, ive gotten all the chests, won the godess of fate, and turned in 1 of each item but that only leaves me wit 7!! wut bout the others i need? ne1?
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    valor form

    hey this quetsion doesnt really involve this forum, but when u learn new forms, say u learn master (yellow) form, can u still use valor?
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    BHK is the Beggining Player

    no at the begining of the trailer it shows that stain glass picture as the floor (like the princesses for kh1) and then BHK fights a giant nobodie (kinda like the giant heartless sora fights at the beginign of kh1). so maybe BHK will be there at the beginign as a kinda tutorial?
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    ok can sum1 explain wut the "mak ur own keyblade" thing is? and does this mean that we wont be tryin to find new keyblades in diff. worlds?
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    Master Form!

    im not sure if sum1 alreayd said this but which keyblad is the one floatin on the top rght hand corner of the pic submited by Oblivion14?
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    Master Form!

    i just hav a random question. can u choose diff key blades to use all the time lik in the first game u could alwasy choose wut weapon goofy donald and sora used. wut botu this game?
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    Steamboat Willie WOrld

    not takin just whistling and a lot of music