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  1. Hazen Gregory

    Original ► Dissidia Final Fantasy: SE

    STRANGE ENCOUNTER One night after months of seemingly endless fights, discord, chaos, confusion, drama and the duo of heroics of heroism and villainy, you begin to a rumbling sound. This noise starts as a low, deep noise that is familiar, yet at the same time, completely new to anything you have...
  2. Hazen Gregory


    Let's do it bro. I just picked the name. Lost City as the locale is up to you lol or I'll add it later.
  3. Hazen Gregory

    Cul-De-Sac of Keys[Our Shattered World]

    Prologue Though it seems like an eon has passed since the previous legends were alive and existed in a day and age of conflict, resolution, order and any other number of situations that lead up to this point, the history of the keyblade is what has always been important. Even though an unknown...
  4. Hazen Gregory

    Iridium: Cradle of Heart and Soul [A Post Apocalyptic Legend of Legaia and Kingdom Hearts RP]

    Prologue The inhabitants of the world Legaia were once a simple people and while the world at large was very aware, that such things as magic and the supernatural existed, it was a power that many would never witness. It seemed magic was natural to only a select few individuals, humans that...
  5. Hazen Gregory

    Dot Hack: Gettai

    Prologue Video games have been popular among various age groups for many decades. Even the elder generations can think back to the release of consoles such as the Nintendo, Sega or the original PlayStation. Those even older would recall game systems like the Atari that started the entire gamer...
  6. Hazen Gregory

    Yami ni shinshutsu(an AU Naruto role play)

    VENTURE INTO DARKNESS A King Sora X and Surreal Recusant Collaboration Prologue Originally the ninja world as it is known today was much different. 685 years ago the Five Great Nations were still one grandiose empire that was run and organized under a grand king. While everything was just in...
  7. Hazen Gregory

    Immersion: Zettai Hankō-Kekina

    Prologue Video games have been popular among various age groups for many decades. Even the elder generations can think back to the release of consoles such as the Nintendo, Sega or the original PlayStation. Those even older would recall game systems like the Atari that started the entire gamer...
  8. Hazen Gregory

    Visions of Orsa: The Ultra Rose Saga

    Ultra Rose Prologue In a realm all its own called Orsa, there are numerous worlds and each one of them is a tale to be told. In particular this specific planet is named Yureaty, a mystical place where magic and various spiritual forces have formed a lifestyle for the planets inhabitants. The...
  9. Hazen Gregory

    Original ► A stroll in the Garden(3 on 1 battle)

    Meh There aren't enough battles these days, especially higher tier ones. Peeps be scared. Recently I've pulled Reforge out of hibernation, so I'll be using him. If possible join with a higher tiered character... Participants 1. 2. 3.
  10. Hazen Gregory

    Tales of Tuurkalumys

    Merr. For countless millenia it had been a place that had seemingly vanished into the deep blue of the oceans and never had been seen again. It had now been only a short 13 days since the earthquake that had changed the face of the world, causing an oddity that had caused Merr to resurface, or...
  11. Hazen Gregory

    Original ► Battle Revival.

    Is anybody interested in some sort of battle competition or series of battle threads with specific challenges/limits/rules etc?? It has been awhile since anything like this has been done, so if you have any ideas please get involved.
  12. Hazen Gregory

    Epiphany of Barcodes.

    We've all been traveling for a long time haven't we?? Trying to escape the Tyrant and make sure his goons don't kill us, or worse bring us back to HIM. It seems like many years have passed at this point and we all have just gotten stronger at every turn. I believe in the evolution of us humans...
  13. Hazen Gregory

    Lineage and Badassery

    Simple. A Bleach orientated battle between myself and King Sora X. I'll be using Colby Alexander Raito, and he'll use Captain Kenpachi Kaizen. Normal rules apply as always. Location: A beautiful place
  14. Hazen Gregory

    Fanfiction ► Solace in Night

    Loved it mang. Using Ty Dex back then was fun.
  15. Hazen Gregory

    Gurēsu no Hozon(An Alternate Universe Naruto rp)

    The ninja world has and still is full of many legends, certain myths speaking of secret clans and their dojutsu and others about powerful weapons and objects that could easily turn the tables in battle. The minds of kunoichi and male shinobi alike drove the searches for such people and the...
  16. Hazen Gregory

    ~Naruto: Iridescent Beginnings~

    Iwagakure The normal weather was now gone, more than three months had passed since all of the random rain had come across this part of the lands, but yet still every day it had rained on a constant. Even now it was raining. Each drop of water pounded down in a symphony of splashes that...
  17. Hazen Gregory

    Essence of Souls[King Sora X]

    So is Jaak a cool Soul Reaper yet?? Lets see how he dos against his former "boss" We can battle wherever you want.
  18. Hazen Gregory

    Naruto: Iridescent Beginnings OOC/SIGN UPS

    Naruto Iridescent Beginnings All of the lands had been fairing quite well after the last great war ended 11 years previously. It had possibly been the most bloodshed and horror the nations had ever seen, with the major destruction of many of the villages. None had been safe, and in acts of...
  19. Hazen Gregory

    Visions of Glory

    Ability: Terrakinesis/Geokinesis/Earth Manipulation: Caleb has not only shown the ability for Earth manipuation, but he has demonstrated that he is more than proficient, and more than capable of handling it with ease. The perks that come with this power include mentally calling on the earth...
  20. Hazen Gregory

    SUNdance Kid Session

    Attire: See Appearance Armor: Ignitus Mens- The hair atop Eosos’ head acts an inhibitor to both his heart and mind. From within, a force radiates off his core which flows into the hair, making a partition that holds fast against intrusion into his inner workings. The hair can also get...