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  1. SilverJ-17

    This place still exists?

    I don't know how long I've been gone and I probably won't hang around for too long this time either, but I came across my password on a password paper I have which I'm finally making a new list. I went to see if this place still existed and logged in. I'm so used to Discord nowadays I honestly...
  2. SilverJ-17

    I'm back-ish

    After quite a long time, I've somewhat returned. I got an idea to see if there was anything in the UnchainedX department for teams. I don't expect anything too quickly, but I figured I'd at least try. I might stick around for more than just that though, so hello. I likely won't ever be as...
  3. SilverJ-17

    Kind of sort of black

    Part me of doesn't want to do this, because I'll probably disappear again real soon, but I guess I'll make a belated return thread. Basically, I'm off and on member who's been a member since Dec. '07. I came back after all this 3D news started bugging me. Non-FF square characters in KH...
  4. SilverJ-17

    New Famitsu Scan + Ending Info!

    Not like anything we've seen before? What haven't we seen in KH? Err.. cool, I guess. Can't wait to spoil it for myself in March or April. As much as I'd love to actually not spoil a KH for myself, I lack a 3DS, so it really doesn't matter to me. Even if I spoil it for myself, I'll still...
  5. SilverJ-17

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    Actually, it wasn't as much of a rule as an unwritten guideline, since every KH before had nothing besides FF, Disney, and KH original characters. That's all that I meant. Nothing more, nothing less. Also, the last post was during this month, so I don't consider it a necro. It was the first...
  6. SilverJ-17

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    I'm still confused as to what the hell is happening with mai Kingdom Hearts. I know it's old new now, but it's still new to me that Square broke the "only FF and Disney" rule. Yeah, I haven't really been following KH as of late.
  7. SilverJ-17

    Castle at BBSV2

    It's not anything new or special. It's Castle of Dreams, after it fell to darkness. What we saw in trailer was more than likely what happens to worlds after they fall to darkness. Since time moves more slowly in the RoD, Aqua probably encounters the remnant of Castle of Dreams sometime after...
  8. SilverJ-17

    Jelly Bubble

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Trailer I've been browsing the Final Mix videos lately. Every now and then, I've look through them, trying to find someone taking on this boss. (seen around the 45 second mark) Is there any such video yet? I've seen all four(?) of the other...
  9. SilverJ-17

    "Red Eyes" in BbS Final Mix

    Well, so much for wishing it was an all new enemy. It seems it's just a new pureblood. An awesome pureblood heartless if that, but not necessarily a new enemy for KH4 and beyond. Then again, we might get a better explanation on what it is in BBS V2. It might even still be alive, lurking in...
  10. SilverJ-17

    Final Mix exclusive tracks now on YouTube

    My favorite one was Master, tell me the Truth or whatever it's called. Armor of the Master's theme is epic. I actually like more than No Heart's. No Heart's was awesome as well, but both Armor of the Master's theme and the Secret Boss's theme top it. Then, it's the Dark Realm normal theme...
  11. SilverJ-17

    Secret Episode Boss (SPOILERS)

    Ruler of the Dark Realm? I don't think so. Something more important than some beast that attacks Aqua? I wouldn't be surprised if it is. In fact, I think it is. I'm thinking the possible shape-shifting ability might be a new means to masking this guy's true face. Perhaps, we're either...
  12. SilverJ-17

    BBSFM Secret Ending, pretty much confirms mystery game.

    I figured I wasn't alone on that. I've watched the custom mix and the actual song on Youtube a few times today. Oh my god, I can't get that song out of my head! Why didn't they use this world for BBS or even the mystery game? I thought it would of fit BBS or KH3 (if it ever happens) better...
  13. SilverJ-17

    BBSFM Secret Ending, pretty much confirms mystery game.

    You didn't like BBS? *rages* Sorry, I just can't understand how no one can like it, even if games like it (and FFXIII Versus) keep holding KH3 back. At least, BBS and 3D were/ are something. Coded and Days never should of existed, but that's my opinion. I want KH3 to come and go, so I can...
  14. SilverJ-17

    BBSFM Secret Ending, pretty much confirms mystery game.

    Hindsight, that's probably one of the things keeping me sane as well. I mean, Notre Dame! Oh wait, actually, that's a part of the problem. It's driving me batty. I want epic.. Frollo.. tower... hellfire-ish boss theme.. battle.. now!!! Edit: Aww.. I just noticed I'm not actually a Platinum...
  15. SilverJ-17

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    Then again, maybe Square has learned from at least one mistake they made with BBS. (revealing every world and 25-50% of the plot, if not more)
  16. SilverJ-17

    BBSFM Secret Ending, pretty much confirms mystery game.

    Lol.. Already done and not just on the PS2. (DS) I think you already know that though. Here's to another PSP game, because I'd rather get a regular PSP for both games, unless the PSP2 is backward compatible. I'll get a game system for two games (if they're.. Excellent..), but not for one.
  17. SilverJ-17

    BBSFM Secret Ending, pretty much confirms mystery game.

    At least they're probably going to be working with more than one year here, unlike the other side/ quasi-side games we've been getting lately. Anyhow, I'm hoping this is the mystery game they've been talking about. Hopefully, 3D comes out either 2011 or 2012, then this game in 2013 and KH3 in...
  18. SilverJ-17

    So since KH3D is the "prelude to the final batte"...

    Maybe the mystery game's set to occur between KH3 and KH4. It'll start production before KH3, but KH3 will come out before the real meat of the Mystery Game's plot starts surfacing. At I'm hoping it's that way.
  19. SilverJ-17

    3D Gameplay Discussion

    Uhh.. no. Okay, maybe a little more regularly, but I'm just hoping they don't overdo it, like Birth By Sleep.
  20. SilverJ-17

    BBSfm site update

    Is it just me or do I see one or two new types of purebloods? I mean, they could just be Shadows or Neo Shadows or nothing at all, but it looks like there's one in the pic with the darkball (next to the keyblade) and one behind Aqua in the pic with her attacking the Shadow.