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  1. Grace Falls

    Re-run the Mind

    Hello Roleplayers, I am looking for a friendly battle with a challenger or multiple challengers if anyone if interested. I have not been active in this forums for about a year, maybe a bit less, and I would like to take my mind into my imagination with you guys. Before I create my character, I...
  2. Grace Falls

    let the keys fall and unlock our hidden hearts

    This is an invitation to voiceofourgeneration, Superbia, and Nigga Sauce. A Kingdom Hearts oriented battle, as you three will use templates from the Cul-de-Sac Roleplay. I have briefly talked about this with Superbia and he agreed to such a battle, hope the other two will also. Templates will...
  3. Grace Falls

    Tower of God Idea

    What do you desire? Fortune? Glory? Power? Revenge? Or something that surpasses all others? What ever you desire, 'that is here'. Tower of God. After reading this manga, I was developing the idea of hoping to execute this concept into an RP. Ultimately, a tower that exists, which will grant...
  4. Grace Falls

    Shatter through the gray dreams

    About that last battle we were supposed to engage in, I apologize for my lack of attendance. Everything's been busy the past few weeks: moving in college, last farewells with friends, etc. etc. And I kind of lost interest in the type of battle that I initially proposed. With this battle, no...
  5. Grace Falls

    A friendly battle, no hard feelings.

    Anyone want to have a friendly battle with me? It will be at a power level and of course, regular rules apply. Just agree to the battle and I will post my template. :biggrin:
  6. Grace Falls

    Naruto RP??

    Does anyone want to collab on a Naruto RP with me? I really would like to create one since there is no new one available to join. If you're interested, just PM me and we'll talk! :wink:
  7. Grace Falls

    Battle anyone?

    Just looking for a friendly battle, first come first serve basis I guess.
  8. Grace Falls

    [R2-B9] Orion vs. The Professor

    Arena: Hall of Infinity – Malign Deconstruction This arena is a room that stretches endlessly into the horizon, thus no walls contain this place. However, there is indeed a black and white tiled floor, akin to a chess board, and a faint aqua colored crystal ceiling. The crystal ceiling blocks a...
  9. Grace Falls

    A short battle

    I'm just looking for a 1-on-1 battle, short and not too dramatic, just something to do at the moment. It will be a power battle and non-continuum. The degree of power will not be too high, more of an elemental based or a single affinity. Regular rules apply. Location!
  10. Grace Falls

    Rebirth in White (Open)

    The last glimpse of Paradise as every bit of essence that upheld this realm began to dissipate slowly. To the contrary, this destruction was not destruction, but the notion of locking the place for quite some time; the prominent reason also unknown. Centuries? Millenniums? Eons? Not even the...
  11. Grace Falls

    Avatar: The Last Airbender Idea

    Seeing how The Last Avatar comes out on the 1st, would anyone be interested in an Avatar RP?
  12. Grace Falls

    Resharpening (Open battle)

    I'm looking for a battle, since I havn't engaged myself in one in ages. Anyways, here are a few set rules I'm going to initiate for this battle. 1. The magnitude of this battle will be at a moderate-low. Meaning power is allowed, but not to any extremities and somewhat limited. 2. I'm going to...
  13. Grace Falls

    Zelda Rp Thought.

    So I was wondering, If I initiated a Zelda RP, how many people would be interested? The Plot- Before the actual story of the RP begins, Link and Ganon were engaged within the last dual of the millennium. Of course, Link manages to defeat Ganon but Ganon, seizing the Triforce of Power and...
  14. Grace Falls

    My Old Friend

    So Ken, King Sora X, it has been way too long, and I'm itching to have a battle with you. Oh, hope you did not forget me yet! The rules are the same as the usual but here's a twist. Alright, we will not make any templates and I want us to improvise in this battle. We will introduce our...
  15. Grace Falls

    New Year, New Bang, New Start!

    I just have this random urge to have an all out battle with everyone! Lulz, if you guys are interested, just submit a temp and we'll try to get as many people as we can! The rules are standard and the someone can decide the arena :lol: Happy New Year everybody! 2010!
  16. Grace Falls

    Pics of org. somebodies.

    Is there a link to see the org. somebodies? I looked quite around didn't find any... Thanks!
  17. Grace Falls

    Sovereignty at High

    Alright Rapidus Procella, we talked about this battle and lets make it fun. Regular rules apply and such. The location will simply be a bare desert of white sand and the time is at twilight, with a gigantic crescent moon shining endlessly. Name: Zion Title: Funeral Wreath Alias: Z, Puppeteer...
  18. Grace Falls

    Wanna be Naruto? Or seek Kingdom Hearts?

    Okay, so for winter break, I decided I would like to create either a Naruto or Kingdom Hearts RP, along with a friend of mine. Sorry to say, but the plot and ideas for these RPs are classified, thus I won't reveal them until the actual creations of these works. So this thread is to see how many...
  19. Grace Falls

    Chromatic, I choose you!

    Sorry man, but the last battle was just dull and everything was just moving so slowly, I guess melee is not the type of battle for me. Anyways, we will start a new battle since you're so eager for me to post in the previous thread. Lets get things going shall we? :lol: Type: Power Rules: Usual...
  20. Grace Falls

    Paradies Complex: Genesis War [OOC/Sign-ups]

    Paradise Complex The Genesis War “War is nothing but a simple blissful death and sorrows…” The year is 66 P.A., Post Apocalypse, and there is nothing left on the face of this world except Paradise Complex, the last and only haven for the human civilization. Sixty-Six years ago, the great...