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  1. magicedd

    Kingdom Hearts: Apocalypse ~Part 1 Rebirth " Machinecken Town"~

    "What a beautiful morning! The suns out the birds are chirping, and the bees are buzzing! You are listening to Machinecken 13.7FM Radio!" Machinecken town, A town built that took decades rising from a small village to a kingdom. Now a guarded place rests in the center, and machinery...
  2. magicedd

    Glitches Glitches Galore

    UGGH I hate my life right now, i haven't saved and guess what a glitch, so right when u enter the hundred acre woods, as you go to find piglet who is running behind bushes, i started to follow and not exactly sure what i did, but sora has now fallen threw the map and continues to fall in a loop...
  3. magicedd

    Open Kingdom Hearts: Apocalypse ~Rebirth~

    Welcome to the OOC section for the Kingdom Hearts Apocalypse Role play ~Original Idea from Forum User Bonechill~
  4. magicedd

    Battle between luck.. Experiment.

    An experimental battle system using the luck of the dice. Up coming battle system. (Lunarmaster64)Timmy Chance vs (magicEdd)Sononea Demn. Battle Ground- Halloween Grave Yard. Characters and Templates made in Kingdom Hearts The Apocalypse (Chapter 2) Rules are as follows. Rules: Shall be...
  5. magicedd

    My First 3D Animation. "Alarm Annoyance"

    Soooo Hi everyone, Im magicEdd, Eddie, Edward, and some other names that you probably dont want to hear, call me what ever if you must. Anyway, Today i have deicded to show my 3D final animation, for a class called Foundations of Digital Animation. It is my first, and i decided to place it...
  6. magicedd

    Kingdom Hearts: The Apocalypse {OOC} {Chapter 2}

    ~Kingdom Hearts: The Apocalypse~ Originally created by: Bonechill
  7. magicedd

    KH3D Pre-Order Bonus!

    seriously... just new dream eaters cards... thats it? Thats what North america is getting for the 10th anniversery... what a let down...
  8. magicedd

    just a thought

    Lol okay so let the posting begin ? lol :D
  9. magicedd

    just a thought

    I think it should be moved because hes trying to combind it with 3D, and since he is some people dont want to spoil themselves for anything 3d has to offer...
  10. magicedd

    just a thought

    It was probably deleted because it should be in the spoiler section...(because your talking about 3d
  11. magicedd

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Campaign Site Opens!

    I for one really hope they know that they got loyal kh fans here in the USA... Seriously, i really really hope, they do somthing special for us, i mean they went all out in Japan, why cant they do it here? There are probably alot more fans, here in the USA, and Europe, then there are in Japan...
  12. magicedd

    MAR- The Game of War

    A dark stormy night, unlike the others, it covered the entire world of Mar Heaven, What could cause something like this? Was there really an Arm so powerful to do this? What made people realize that this storm was different, was that the lighting was flashing green and purple... and it appeared...
  13. magicedd

    Kingdom Hearts: The Apocalypse {Rp Chapter 2}

    Originally created by Bonechill It was a normal day in Machinecken, small drops of rain hit the ground, Defence Officers used the swords supplied by their leader, Brykofos, to destroy the Heartless that came out of the shadows. The guns they would normally use were all out of ammunition and...
  14. magicedd

    What would you like to see in a KH1 HD remaster?

    I wish all the main games would come out for the ps2 or 3 in one big bundle of the final mix versions! But it were to come out for the ps3 i would love it if square made a custom ps3, i would SOOO GET IT! Since ofcourse i dont have a ps3
  15. magicedd

    KH3D Trailer Impression (With Dialogue)

    Well if you also notice they are in the data room, the gate way into trons world. So that could mean its the present, but it could also mean its the near time distant past, kh2 area
  16. magicedd

    KH3D Trailer Impression (With Dialogue)

    Ethnic Woman if this was facebook, you would be getting so many likes for that comment
  17. magicedd

    KH3D Trailer Impression (With Dialogue)

    yea.... i agree... lol sometimes my mind just goes on and on over kingdom hearts, and my fingers just type what i think, but oh what can i do XD?
  18. magicedd

    KH3D Trailer Impression (With Dialogue)

    Thats pretty neat, im not sure about namine, or roxas, cause they are apperently still awake living inside sora and kairi, as for xion, she probably is asleep with in every ones minds, since no one can remember her, i mean shes in sora, but the memories of her are sleeping. I dont think eraqus...
  19. magicedd

    KH3D Trailer Impression (With Dialogue)

    Ah, and so ventus is going to have a part in this game then
  20. magicedd

    KH3D Trailer Impression (With Dialogue)

    One thing everyone keeps asking is why does Neku know soras name, could it be cause idk, he saved the worlds 2 times, and arent they in soras/rikus mind? i thought this game takes place in there dreams or somthing