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    party options

    i like to b able to fight alongside Donald and Goofy. I don't think they slowed the game down or anything. And any amount over 4 would just give you 2 big of an advantage.
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    The Superior is.....

    I honestly think noone gives the Egnimatic Man enough credit. I think he is the real Master behind it all. (I even believe he is a dark side of Sora.). Think about it they keep him unrevealed, so he has got to be one of the most important people!
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    do we know what his powers are yet or is it still unconfirmed?
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Worlds

    I want a hall of President Lvl Abraham Lincoln: I cannot tell a lie, i'm goona kick your A**! Sora: Oh no it's Calvin Coolidge! That was just a joke, I'm actually really excited to see Steamboat Willie!
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    City in deep dive playable

    Thanks alot i haven't seen those pictures before.
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    Wheres the book?

    I would guess the book is in Disney castle since i saw a screen shot of Merlin there. As for getting to Steamboat lvl isn't it in a ball of light? As a side note mayb the train is like the monorail???
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    tarzan or disney castle forest???

    sounds like it's probably mulan world.
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    BHK has a Drive

    Good point that makes perfect sense.
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    Mickeys keyblade

    i think they are being tested by the choser to see who will be the key blade master
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    BHK has a Drive

    Cool. But were getting too off topic, so if BHK doesn't have Valor/Wisdom Drive what could they be. It is said that he joins 2 freinds later on maybe he can fuse with them or something else?
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    BHK has a Drive

    Her shadow? is that a confirmed fact or just a therory?
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    BHK has a Drive

    that could be, but now you have brought up another question. Namine has Blonde hair is she a twilight version of Kairi?
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    BHK has a Drive

    They were talking about how he was in valor form, but he wasn't because he was wearing his white clothes which i realized r unlike soras new black clothes
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    BHK has a Drive

    Thats right because if u look at the picture u can see he is wearing his usual white duds......unlike Sora and his black duds..??!
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    kairi & sora

    If Sora and Kairi make out will BHK and Namine?!?
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    Other party members may not be as effective as expected

    Yes Minnie's is an Escort mission so if she does wander off trying to kill a Heartless she is just trying to help and you should be protecting her as she does so.
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    Look At This Picture And What Do You Think

    what is the difference between a Sitar and a Guitar?
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    Look At This Picture And What Do You Think

    o thats right i remembered one guy had a guitar then it is Xaldin who has spears?
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    Look At This Picture And What Do You Think

    And this guys weapon is spears right? i some times get confused
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    Look At This Picture And What Do You Think

    I heard they all have music like weapons and i've seen Axel summon his Wind/Fire wheels in a similar way