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  1. Iridium

    Symbolic parallels between KH and Christianity

    Re: A symbolic connection between Kingdom Hearts And Christianity... Then you expect a bit too much, buddy~
  2. Iridium

    Symbolic parallels between KH and Christianity

    Re: A symbolic connection between Kingdom Hearts And Christianity... I believe the OP is seeing a connection between the Kingdom Hearts series and the Christian faith. Believe it or not, the games do parallel religion in many ways (The fight between the wielders of light and wielders of...
  3. Iridium

    The Basic Plot of 3D

    While I can see Xehanort (whatever the incarnation of him will be present in KH3D (aside from Xemnas and his Heartless form)) pitting Sora and Riku against each to use them to his own ends, the X-Blade being recreated by using them seems unlikely. It depends on perspective, he could use a...
  4. Iridium

    Help/Support ► Unrequited love..

    o/ Honestly though, you move out to god knows where, abandon your family and friends for some girl you're "in love" with? This isn't some kind of Harlequin romance novel, this is the real deal. Unless you made SURE that you two were going to have a future with one another, you shouldn't have...
  5. Iridium

    A Theory on MF

    I don't like where this is going already.. Master Xehanort had planned to find another body of his own to achieve his goals, so, dying wasn't exactly on his mind. If anything, death in the KH universe rarely if at all happens. And death as in meaning the soul being subtracted from the heart...
  6. Iridium

    'Kingdom Hearts' in BBS

    I wouldn't be surprised, considering the time frame it could have been Maleficents doing or rather the unleashing of the heartless by Xehanort could have been the cause of the destruction of their respective homeworlds. Quite doubtful of that considering the keyblade war seems to be even...
  7. Iridium

    Help/Support ► What should i do about a "days" theaf?

    That's your opinion, you're not the voice of the Kingdom Hearts community. Tits or no, if you're implying that you were dumb enough to let her "borrow" or was considering allowing her to take BBS off your hands then you deserve what you get from then on IE the negative consequences.
  8. Iridium

    Help/Support ► What should i do about a "days" theaf?

    Pretty much this. For the most part it's just another lesson learned, or you could have simply asked her parents or her to give you the money for it at the time. But hey tough luck; just cut her off and that's that. Not worth dealing with her bullshit later down the line.
  9. Iridium

    Ienzo's aging

    Considering Riku's current height matches that of Xehanort's Heartless, Riku's body would have to compensate for XH's build. But that's just a guess; there was actually a more detailed explanation in a thread somewhere around here. More then likely on the backburner by now :L
  10. Iridium

    New Plausible Theory

    Considering most of the past secret bosses (aside from possibly the new addition in BBSFM) were canon in some way or another I wouldn't be surprised.Also with the fact it was another character wearing an organization outfit I doubt his appearance is just for additional fanservice.
  11. Iridium

    ven's heart

    Wait, that was a reference to the initial connecting of Sora's heart? Whoops, well my first part of my last post is redundant. Thanks for the correction.
  12. Iridium

    ven's heart

    Infant? He was a child, there's a difference. Just because of his age and size it doesn't mean his body couldn't handle the pressure. Hearts are tangible but even so accommodate little space. For that matter hearts can exist inside of other hearts as in the case of Terra and Eraqus. And to...
  13. Iridium

    Ienzo's aging

    You seem to forget how Xemnas and the organization works. They're under covert status, so even though they took control of the lower sections of the castle and town, it doesn't mean Maleficent couldn't rein control of the inner parts of the castle and the rest of the land. Also, for the most...
  14. Iridium

    I know who the Mysterious Figure really is!!!

    Well, we saw how that turned out for Vanitas.
  15. Iridium

    I know who the Mysterious Figure really is!!!

    Well it's not unlike Nomura to incorporate attack styles, moves, visual cues etc. of other characters so it's most likely that he delved into his old projects as inspiration. Directors do it oh so often you'll lose count.
  16. Iridium

    Pete *semi-spoilers*

    Not necessarily. Considering Mickey was off on his own adventures the writers needed a way for Pete to get banished; they could have Mickey do it, but it would more then likely destroy the time line of events. Basically it wasn't last minute, they just wrote themselves into a corner .-. yes...
  17. Iridium

    I know who the Mysterious Figure really is!!!

    Actually the Phantom is visually based off of one of Disney's books Peter and the Shadow Thieves. So it's, more or less, a spiritual successor to said book.
  18. Iridium

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Yes, but there was conversation to be had of even such a joke as that :3 Well that's been a known fact for a while, meaning it's not pure coincidence. Precisely, I tip my hat to you sir.
  19. Iridium

    Little Rant: Loading Times

    That is quite beneficial; by comparison it's similar to how the left 4 dead series works. You get a moment of reprieve after an event. Odd comparison I know but I just connected the two. Still for the most part the main issue with BBS is the frequency, all in all from what I've seen (data...
  20. Iridium

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    For the most part each cloak seems to be custom made IE the differences between lets say Xigbar's and Axel's coats. So even if Pete or any other large character were to fit into it the coat would be form fit. Another good example is Mickey's actually.