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  1. pokepotterkhkids

    Do any of you have any gaming tattoos?

    I've had a L'cie mark since September, and I'm sitting here on my computer while I'm getting my nobody symbol tramp stamp done by my brother and sister in law. I was wondering if anyone has anything similar? I'm also getting 2 molnija marks, a zvezda, and a promise mark from vampire academy on...
  2. pokepotterkhkids

    What am I doing online?

    You're all insane. I've known this for years... So why am I back...?
  3. pokepotterkhkids


    And not jailbait anymore xD Hi guys! Miss me?
  4. pokepotterkhkids

    First Jobs....

    So I recently got hired at a Recording Studio... After applying at walmart, 3 targets, taco bell, toys r us, babies r us, hot topic, 4 gamestops, chuck e cheese, ect. ect. ect. This'll be my first job (and I suppose I'm lucky because I'm double-majoring in Theater/Film Performance, and Music...
  5. pokepotterkhkids

    Anyone going to SacAnime?

    Quinton Flynn, Tara Strong, Vic Mignogna, Troy Baker, & Ali Hillis are the guests for next months con
  6. pokepotterkhkids

    Music ► Independent Music anyone?

    I know this kid, went to elementary school with him, and on his fb I saw this and thought it was amazing. I Miss You (Final Mix) by Tyler Platt on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Thoughts? Also we're thinking of recording together sometime :0
  7. pokepotterkhkids

    College Newspaper

    Well on Friday I found out I am second in command at my school of the school "paper" (We do it online). We get new people to be in charge every semester, and this is my SECOND SEMESTER OF FRESHMAN YEAR. This got me to wondering, what do you guys know about your schools paper? Do you read it...
  8. pokepotterkhkids

    Have you seen this

    Urban Dictionary: KH Insider It went up a few days ago. Thought it was funny. Sharing.
  9. pokepotterkhkids

    Looking to buy all manga novels from KH2 vol2 on. CAnt find even on Amazon

    Can someone link me to them? I wanna complete my collection (stopped buying them after local bookstore stopped selling them)
  10. pokepotterkhkids

    It's time to talk about Halloween!

    It's October, so I figured a Halloween discussion thread was needed. Answer the following questions and discuss 1) What are your plans for Halloween this year? 2) How old is too old to trick-or-treat in your opinion? 3) What are you going as? 4) Do you have special Halloween traditions? What...
  11. pokepotterkhkids

    Best Smelling Fast Food Burger

    I personally think its mcdonalds double cheeseburger. I like my burgers plain though, so that may have something to do with it. What about you guys?
  12. pokepotterkhkids

    Birthday yesterday

    My birthday was yesterday! It was great! Spend the whole day in the pool~
  13. pokepotterkhkids

    "Wait, what?"

    Long story short. I'm in independent study. I *thought* I was all on track to graduate on time so far. Turns out, not so much. I went to turn in some more work on Wednesday, and they inform me, I am to graduate May 19th THIS YEAR. If I were in regular high school, this May would've marked the...
  14. pokepotterkhkids

    The Classics... Being overused

    I loved the originals of Zelda and Mario, but once ps2, Gamecube, xbox, ect came out, it seems like they're only continuing series like these because they want to make more money. Not because they have ideas, which, most of the time, they obviously dont. It just makes me kinda sad, cause its...
  15. pokepotterkhkids

    Help/Support ► I am officially a mother to be, for all the world to know and see

    Well yeah, I know, but honestly I didn't want another kid, and I *planned* to get married first before i did have another kid, plus, we both agreed to wait. Neither of us really should have to need protection on hand when we arent even married. I don't like that I'm in this situation, but...
  16. pokepotterkhkids

    Help/Support ► I am officially a mother to be, for all the world to know and see

    not really, but the people who do post, tend to be assholes about it. I can hardly find anywhere on this site where some kind of degrading joke is not made. At least in the areas I'm usually in. Thanks for the luck, I'm hoping for the best. I want him to be healthy and happy for the most part...
  17. pokepotterkhkids

    Help/Support ► I am officially a mother to be, for all the world to know and see

    yupp lol. For the most part it auctually is happy. It just gets annoying at some points. I'm pretty sure if someone reminds me I ate peas while pregnant, after I have the baby, I will throw up. I usually HATE peas. I was just really damn hungry.
  18. pokepotterkhkids

    Help/Support ► I am officially a mother to be, for all the world to know and see

    I'll remember that in the future. There was no clarity, so I just posted. Plus, I didn't say I don't want your opinions, only that I didn't care about the negative opinions. If someone were to say something like "well good luck anyway" or something of the sorts, I wouldn't really mind. I'm fine...
  19. pokepotterkhkids

    Help/Support ► I am officially a mother to be, for all the world to know and see

    Theres no where else to vent, and it does help to vent. and this is called help & support. AND it double helped to know that almost everyone on KHI is still an asshole, so I was right. I like being proven right.
  20. pokepotterkhkids

    Help/Support ► I am officially a mother to be, for all the world to know and see

    You guys can make fun of me all you want. I don't care. I was not ready when I had my first son. and when his father took him, I did get an easy way out. But none of you know whats going on with the person in front of the computer. At that time , I was in a dark place, I had had depression, and...