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  1. silentmusic16

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    I love me some rhythm gaming - mixing it wth KH is only a great thing in my mind. And to think that Nomura is continuing his decades-long run as a total madman and squeezing plot relevant details into this is wonderful, at least to me. I can't imagine ever getting off Nomura's wild ride. Is it...
  2. silentmusic16

    News ► Anime Expo Lite announced, features official TWEWY artwork for the event

    I adore TWEWY - one of my all time favorite games. Definitely don't get people saying the gameplay is clunky in the original release (sad to say I couldn't get into the Switch release for that reason alone) but I think it's a perfect game from the gameplay to the music, story, characters...
  3. silentmusic16

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road introduces new characters!

    For what it's worth, reincarnation/character x is secretly y/etc. is a cat you can't put back into the bag once you've taken it out. Kinda like when you involve time travel in a plot. Once those things are confirmed - and it's exacerbated by the motif of trios, characters with secret...
  4. silentmusic16

    What do you think about Namine / Riku shipping?

    Do you have a link to the Japanese scene with that "missed the most" quote? I'd love to see if that's true. As for that window-gazing scene, I felt the same - it felt like, at the very least, Nomura hadn't forgotten what he seemed to have been setting up in II between the two of them. But...
  5. silentmusic16

    A Theory on the Secret Movie

  6. silentmusic16

    What do you think about Namine / Riku shipping?

    Despite that a lot has happened with both Namine and Roxas since KH2 - not the least of which being Xion's entire existence - I have always been and will always remain a Roxas/Namine shipper. I know I'm biased but a few moments still felt a little shippy between them in 3 (not to mention that...
  7. silentmusic16

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Jump Festa 2016 Trailer!

    From Chi alone they at least seem to have their own personalities. That said, I think it works thematically, even if they're not straight up reincarnations. The three generations of Keyblade Warriors being similar, and the way the story of the heartless starting with the Chi gen, continuing...
  8. silentmusic16

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Jump Festa 2016 Trailer!

    Good point. They didn't look way too overpowered. Even shot lock didn't kill everything it touched in the trailer, iirc. Casting magic looks really fast now. I like it.
  9. silentmusic16

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Jump Festa 2016 Trailer!

    gelandporn Well damn! That's the final nail in the coffin then (for lack of a better term) - the Rebirth theory is true. This is actually great! Even if it doesn't match up 100% to gelandporn's, it'll certainly be close enough.
  10. silentmusic16

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Jump Festa 2016 Trailer!

    Twilight Town looked fantastic. Absolutely fantastic, graphic and lighting wise. Also, I'm glad to see Shot Lock back and updated - I liked the system a lot, personally. I'm glad we got that look at the Marluxia nobodies in action; the sakura petal effect was nice. Wish we got more of a look at...
  11. silentmusic16

    Game Informer Discusses Contents of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 with Tetsuya Nomura

    That's a really good point. The entire aim of the main games (and most of the side games) has literally been - Reunite with Riku and Kairi, or save one (or both) of them - Defeat the big bad/stop the heartless Having been separated since KH1 and only reuniting at small points you'd imagine that...
  12. silentmusic16

    KH HD 2.8 confirmed at PSExp 2015?

    IIRC it was accidentally mentioned in an interview with a member of one of the FF teams, but he rescinded what he said (probably because they're not close to done with it yet). Wish I could find the interview. I can't wait for it, if it is a real thing.
  13. silentmusic16

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Trailer coming to Jump Festa 2016

    Which really isn't that long no matter which game we're basing World length off of.
  14. silentmusic16

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Trailer coming to Jump Festa 2016

    I still don't think that 0.2 isn't going to be very long in and of itself, so I'm not betting on seeing much of it in the trailer; proportionally they probably don't want to give away too much of it. Still, as our first taste of KH3, I'm pretty hype for anything. Aqua's face too! I'm pretty...
  15. silentmusic16

    News ► Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The Novel Cover Art Revealed!

    Certainly makes sense. It's the same kind of reason that some people write fanfics for, instead of just their own story and characters. As both a fanfic writer and a Days hater, I agree with this sentiment. They're that good, you think? Now I definitely have to check it out. That KH2 stuff...
  16. silentmusic16

    News ► Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The Novel Cover Art Revealed!

    So they do their job well in the vein of giving proper insight and characterization to characters and plot points we didn't get in the games? Definitely sounds worth buying, then. Although I still have a lot of distrust in Kanemaki's writing skills. I'll have to give it a try myself. Also, by...
  17. silentmusic16

    News ► Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The Novel Cover Art Revealed!

    I'm really interested in getting the novels, but I was wondering - how is the actual writing quality? From a prose perspective and from a plot perspective? Getting a look into the character's thoughts and feelings sounds really interesting, especially because we just don't get a good look at a...
  18. silentmusic16

    (Both collections) How many of you...

    Did it? Without spoiling anything (I plan on playing one of these days), how is she made relevant again? Her lack of importance in the games released post-KH2 bothered me.
  19. silentmusic16

    (Both collections) How many of you...

    Then, without this devolving into a flamewar, I'll just leave it at this: we must have very different ideas as to what makes a good story, let alone a good KH story. Days did nothing but disappoint me, and I felt something between frustration and exasperation at the story and characters the...
  20. silentmusic16

    KH3's Prologue and Introduction/Tutorial Chapter

    A few points: - Kairi is training/is supposed to be training with the keyblade after KH2/DDD. - She needs some more screen time. - New players/returning players need something of a tutorial stage/prologue/introduction. - Playing as a non-Sora character is always a nice change of pace. How would...