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  1. D.D.D


    Yeah....so, I saw the Rise of the Guardians trailer on the internet the other day. And me, being my nerdy self, fangasmed all over again and made yet another Jack Frost tag. I think it's good, but I'm not sure. What I do know is that I'm a little too cray-cray for this movie. I love...
  2. D.D.D

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    Hmm..maybe Yoko Shimomura could somehow do a mash-up of 1's, CoM's, and Days's Dearly Beloveds? I'd love to have a orchestrated medley of the three. Wishful thinking, of course.
  3. D.D.D

    Before KH3D.

    I remember when we read the ESRB rating for BBS. One of the reasons it was rated E 10+ was because Aqua's boobs jiggled, if I remember correctly. But yeah, I remember the BHK and UEM days. Also when the Unbirths were actually Unversed. I still like the sound of Unbirths better, but the real...
  4. D.D.D

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    I was close. :D Seriously, though, I'm loving the graphics. <3 The best part about the graphical update are the complexities of the facial movements (like the shifting of pupils, hair moving more smoothly in the wind, slighter mouth changes, narrowing and widening of the eyes). Like, the...
  5. D.D.D

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    I'd be glad just to get KH 1.5. But a 2.5 with BBS, KH2, and possibly Coded would be awesomesaucetastic. They could release 1.5 next year, a 2.5 for 2014, and KH3 for 2015. It'd give them enough time to finish Versus and enough time for us to enjoy the splendors of the HD games. :D I'm...
  6. D.D.D

    Your Wishlist for Kingdom Hearts 1.5

    Reasonable, probably likely stuff: -NA release (the FINAL MIX version) -Additional scenes that add to the plot (like where someone was when this and this happened, etc...) -Extended scenes -Beautiful package :D Not likely stuff: -Nomura-san's and other crucial members of the KH team's...
  7. D.D.D

    Stay Frosty

    Yo yo yo yo yo: Critique le frost.
  8. D.D.D

    Why an elderly character?

    What about Fetusnort? He's pretty important, I'd say. But Zul makes a very good point in his post: they're all based after Ansem SoD, if you trace it right back to the source.
  9. D.D.D

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Unison (Chapter 68 posted)

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Unison (Chapter 27 posted) Ok, that's good. :) I've actually been considering re-reading what's been posted so far, since my memory's a little foggy with it (especially earlier chapters that I read long ago). Maybe I will, and I'll write an overall impression. :D...
  10. D.D.D

    Why an elderly character?

    I have a feeling Master Xehanort also might want him for his ability to connect with hearts so easily. Which makes me wonder...why are there so many similarities between Xehanort and Sora? They both came from DI, they both are Keyblade Wielders, they both can connect to hearts and influence...
  11. D.D.D

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Unison (Chapter 68 posted)

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Unison (Chapter 27 posted) Sorry it took me so long to review, Sephi! I've been so busy with school and plotting my own fic that I kept forgetting to. But I did read it the day you posted. I usually do, it just takes me a while to get to reviewing your piece with...
  12. D.D.D

    Why an elderly character?

    Agreed. That's another aspect I liked a lot about DDD; we got to see Xehanort when he's younger. He's always been one of the most intriguing characters to me. That's a pretty good point. Yet a lot of characters are young in KH. Maybe it was just to draw contrast with them?
  13. D.D.D

    Why an elderly character?

    So, I know this actually might belong in the BBS section, but since this has to do with Master Xehanort and he has a pretty big role in DDD, I thought I'd post it in spoilers just in case any of your answers have to deal with his actions in DDD. Anyways, my question is why Nomura decided to...
  14. D.D.D

    What does the secret message mean?

    I assume the entire message means that an HD collection is coming and after that, KH3.
  15. D.D.D

    A little strange

    IDK if I like this or not. I already know his face is a bit too sharp. But how's everything else?
  16. D.D.D

    The Sexy Manboobs Tutorial (Intermediate)

    Lol, I couldn't help but put that title in for this tutorial. Anyways, enjoy and post outcomes, please. Here's the link to the splatters I talked about: http://corelila.deviantart.com/art/Splatter-Brushes-60718934
  17. D.D.D

    News ► Square Enix Holding TWEWY Vocalist Audition!

    I wish so badly that it wasn't a 'live in Japan only' audition, because if it wasn't, I'd be on it like cheese on nachos.
  18. D.D.D

    Help/Support ► Tough education/job/life related decisions.

    Well, it really boils down into one question: what's more important to you, more family time and a job that you may not like, or less family time and a job you love. You should choose the path that you feel would make you the most happy. Your fear of doing something that most scientific people...
  19. D.D.D

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Unison (Chapter 68 posted)

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: Hearts in Unison (Chapter 26 posted) You portrayed Terra's emotions and dialogue perfectly (the parts that weren't entirely from the game, I mean). :D The situation Terra has been put in has always been far more intriguing to me than Aqua's or Ven's (though both of their...
  20. D.D.D

    Two teenagers charged for murder of a 5-year-old

    Here's the link to the article...