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  1. Malibu

    A year later and I feel more at peace with KH3

    When I played it a year ago I took it with a grain of salt. It wasn't worth the ridiculously long wait but it wasn't HORRIBLE. However after replaying it from start to finish again a year later without the nostalgia goggles I have to say I really think the game is just bad. I think it really...
  2. Malibu


    Hello internet friends. I don't really make things anymore but every now and then I draw things. I would also like to take this opportunity to say adult life is remarkable and I don't miss any of you. Also I'm pretty gay.
  3. Malibu

    Almost Never is an interesting concept.

    I've been procrastinating from my assignments so I deciding to draw stuff because that's the side of things where I've always been shitty. I am unapologetic for the quality.
  4. Malibu

    Today I tried.

  5. Malibu

    Who are you people

    I don't think I know any of you people anymore.......... Anyway here's some poop. I haven't done anything in photoshop in a long time. I'm more about illustration these days Posted from my phone so sorry if the quality is shit.
  6. Malibu


    Been listening to her album all day so I made this. Started got halfway and had no idea on how I should continue this....... So I slapped some text on it, HELP ME!! Side note: Musical boner all day.
  7. Malibu

    Photoshop is an idiot.

    I don't remember how to do anything. EDIT: Also I drew a picture for my friend cause he's an idiot.
  8. Malibu


    Ok not sure if this goes in TM or not, I always thought 'if you drew it on paper first post that shit in TM' but I didn't draw it on paper so oh well. ANYWAY!! Had a day off and found my tablet so I drew stuff all day instead of doing laundry. I'm just going to apologize for the line art and...
  9. Malibu

    I'm not sure.

    This looks different on a white background.... I'm not sure I like it anymore.
  10. Malibu

    I'm still so bad with lighting.

    It really aggravates me to no end. Probably have to do some serious TF2 to calm myself down. CnC suckers.
  11. Malibu


    When I was making this I was like 'Wow this is going to be so good', I look at it now and i'm like '....... it's not terrible'.
  12. Malibu

    I can't move my middle finger.

    So I may or may not have glass lodged in my middle finger, I can't move it so that should tell me something but I've had enough vodka to not feel anything (but my spelling hasn't suffered for it HOLLA BITCHES!!!) Here's a thing I may or may not have posted before.
  13. Malibu

    I also made something

    I can't be bothered looking for new images to work with.
  14. Malibu

    I think i'm getting worse.....

    Everything I make looks the same.
  15. Malibu

    Oz represent!!

    Because I have absolutely no style of my own i'm going to steal SK▲NKS!
  16. Malibu

    More circles

    Because thats how I roll. HOLLA!
  17. Malibu

    king of anything?

    Looks like everything else I've ever made.
  18. Malibu


    Playing with displace and filters. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  19. Malibu

    I do most my stuff while watching The Office.

  20. Malibu

    Sometimes I throw my sketchbook at the wall.

    You know that feeling you get when you make something and you think 'THIS DOESN'T LOOK ANYTHING LIKE I WANT IT TO!!' and then you throw your sketchbook at the wall, or when you're on your laptop which is to expensive to throw at the wall so you go to the floor pick up your sketchbook and throw...