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  1. NamiSora

    Are you satisfied by BBS?

    Yes, I am very satisfied with BBS. Though, I wish that it would of been a tad longer. I'm almost done, and I don't want it to end. :(
  2. NamiSora

    need help with terra

    Yes, this ability helped me tons! :) You can meld together all these combinations for EXP Walk: Aerial Break + Blizzara + Abounding Crystal Poison Blade + Cura + Abounding Crystal Blizzard + Aero + Abounding Crystal Magnet + Aero + Abounding Crystal Poison + Zero Gravira + Abounding Crystal...
  3. NamiSora

    BBS concern; kid Sora scene?

    Oki doki, thanks a ton guys!
  4. NamiSora

    BBS concern; kid Sora scene?

    I beat Ven's story just now. :) It was on standard, but I didn't get the scene where he talks to kid Sora after the credits, sadly. Do you have to complete everything in 100% or beat it in proud mode? Just curious. Maybe it doesn't even show in till you beat all the character's stories.
  5. NamiSora

    today's the day!!!!!!!

    I'm super excited for tonight, since that's when I'm going to beable to play it. My mom is going to pick it up for me this morning, it's 6:47am my time right now so I have to go to school soon. Anyways, she's going to pick it up at 10am for me and when I get out at 3:30pm it'll be there for...
  6. NamiSora

    Are you getting BBS day one?

    I am. My mom said she'll pick it up for me in the morning while I'm at school since I already pre-ordered it 3 months ago. Though, I won't beable to play it in tilll 8:00pm that night because of my busy schedule. Plus my best friend is coming over to my house. (She loves KH and doesn't have a...
  7. NamiSora

    How is the Release affecting you?

    Time is going way too slow for me... seriously, the hours are LONG. At school, on Tuesday I will not beable to pay attention to anything... When 358/2 days came out I absent-mindedly wrote down character's names on my papers and my teacher gave them back to me telling me to redo it because she...
  8. NamiSora

    Which Character to chose?

    All I know is that I'm going with VTA the first time. I want to make sure Aqua is last because I heard she's the hardest character to control and Terra spoils pretty much everything in Ventus's story so I'm not playing as him intill I play as Ventus first. The second time I play though, I'm...
  9. NamiSora

    Fanfiction ► Roxas is Born. An original vocab story.

    Haha. That is awesome. :D How'd your teacher like it?
  10. NamiSora

    Fun (yet random) things you can do in KH1.

    I love torturing Donald and Goofy. I threw a blasting pumpkin at them once and the literally flew to the other side of town. It was hilarious.
  11. NamiSora

    how did you feel when you saw the box??

    My brother introduced me to it. He rented KH1 from blockbuster and I usually watched him play games, since I was eight and I had nothing better to do. He put the game in and when the opening scene played I was already a fangirl. Lol. I remember saying: "He's cuteee! <3" Referring to Sora.
  12. NamiSora

    what is your least favorite heartless?

    The ones I had the most trouble with: 1.Invisibles 2.Wyverns 3.Angel Stars 4.Crescendos 5.Bookmasters 6.Cannon Guns 7.Jumbo Cannons 8.Morning Stars 9.Hot Rods 10.Snowy Crystals 11.Devastators 12.Large Armors
  13. NamiSora

    Kingdom Hearts 3D E3 Trailer

    Raining Soras you say? That's pretty spooky and somewhat awesome. But you're right as I read the passage... A wave of confusion came crashing down on me. It's the trailer? Is it available on youtube?
  14. NamiSora

    whatis your sadst moment in kingdom hearts

    When Sora found Namine and she told him the truth in Re:CoM. *sniff* and he was so excited about finding her too.
  15. NamiSora

    What do you think the "3D" stands for?

    It wouldn't be Kingdom Hearts 3 because Square Enix would want that on a big console, like PS3 or Xbox 360. So I don't know... we haven't gotten enough information about the game yet. I guess it could be 3 Destinies...
  16. NamiSora

    Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

    I absoulutely adore the plot... probably because it revolves about my favorite kingdom hearts pairing. By now though you're probably already playing it. Curse me for not posting sooner. Anyways... it's a great game and you'll have fun with it... but the card system isn't what you call easy at...
  17. NamiSora


    Same goes for me. This was suppose to be Roxas' game, but it was completely about her.
  18. NamiSora

    Chernabog at End of the World

    He's just an extra boss battle that fits perfectly with the plot. He wasn't a heartless because he would of had the emblem somewhere on his body. So it was just a suprise battle.