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    Sanctuary HI QUALITY 256kbps

    omg! i freaking love you lol thank you!
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    Best Buy Kingdom Hearts II Ad.. ( Large image )

    luckly i ordered the game and le strategy guide from babages and theyre having a midnight release! so on the 27th at 11:30pm im going to the mall and gonna get the game!
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    Have You Preordered or Prebooked?

    i have!!! i have the game and le strategy guide fully paid for at babages...now im just waiting...
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    Funny KH2 Video!!!!

    ive already seen this video but im glad you posted it back up so more people can see it...it cracks me up every time!!! especially any of the parts with Namine in them...shes hilarious
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    G4's showing of KH2

    thats like my fav episode of x-play ever!!! i tivoed it! lol
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    Kingdom Hearts II BradyGames Official Guide

    very cool, i wonder if the l.e. version looks any different...
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    Kingdom Hearts II Review *no spoilers*

    this review doesnt really bother me...i mean everyone has their own opinion...and my opinion is that kh2 is going to be amazing!!!
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    x-plays review on kh2

    god, i love morgan and adam from x-play, theyre soo brutally honest...theyre my idols!!!
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    i preordered from babbages and they didnt say anything about anything extra:(
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    x-plays review on kh2

    it comes on at 10 tonight and im gonna tivo it
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    Riku... Finally. Confirming pictures

    lol didnt everyone already know that riku was in this? i mean weve known that his voice had been confirmed...and what would kingdom hearts be without riku?...he had to be in it...
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    well, at first it sounded kinda well...lets just say it wasnt what i expected it...but after i listened to it some more its really growing on me...plus most of the versions everyone have been listening to have been very poor definition...itll prolly sound tons better once we here the full and...
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    i like him lol
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    KH2 rated T

    im glad its gonna be Teen, its about time
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    Shouldn't the English Passion be out now...

    yeah, im starting to get impatient, but what can we do but wait?
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    Kairi's Outfit

    the pink one
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    I have too many spoilers in my head!

    its not his fault when hes reading in the Kingdom Heats 2 forums and some stupid person doesnt put "spoiler" when theres gonna be a spoiler.....pissed the hell outa me many of times
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    I have too many spoilers in my head!

    i need the same...
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    How much will you play?

    me and my cousin are pulling all nighters right after we leave the midnight release.....well be playing all night, then going to school, then coming back to play some more
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    Electronic Monthly

    ive already gotten mine also!!! i just walked into the book store at the mall and there it was!!! i got the first cover....