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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** ok, so i beat it on proud mode this morning, got the secret ending, and the last line is "birth from sleep" not sure what that means, but i do have a theory to propose. ok, I dont have time to look through all 24 pages and see if this...
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    Where will you be on the release date?

    Hehe, my spring break is the week of the release, so ill just go get it and play the game all week. *does a little dance*
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    The difficulty of Kingdom Hearts 2

    I truly hope they make this game harder than the first two. they were a piece of cake for me. And if you want a really hard game, play ninja gaiden.
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    How do you beat seproth

    AUGH stop calling it SIN HARVEST! Thats not what its called!!! Its Descend Heartless Angel! Yes, I know that the players guide called it Sin Harvest. Its wrong, and your wrong. Im almost positive that I still have the clip of him using it, where he clearly says Descend Heartless Angel, on my...
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    Two Disks

    I hope Its 2 disks, because when they cram too much info onto one disk, the load times are crazy. for example, Morrowind GOTY for xbox. Loading a save file takes like a minute or 2. thats crazy long! I don't like waiting a whole minute every time I die. Lilly, Zora, learn how to spell, use...
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    New Summons in KH2!

    Eh, I never really used summons in KH1, and I probly wont use them in 2 either unless they give me bahamut or something. That would be nice.
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    The Rumor Of Vincent Comes Again With Power

    ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Testicles. that is all.
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    KH2 For PS3

    What part of your f**king brain gave yuo the RETARTED idea that they would POSSIBLY put KH2 on PS3?!?!?!?!? I mean GOD D*MNIT WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU! AUGH!!!!!!!!! sorry, i had a bad day and this put me over the edge, i needed to vent
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    Two KH2 discs

    This is interesting. Tales of symphonia was a great game, and had plenty of hours of gameplay on it, and it was 2 gamecube disks, now imgine the multitude of gloriousness they could cram on 2 PS2 disks.
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    ya, theres no foundation to this theory, but at least you tried. BTW panda great DDR sig
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    stupid gargouil boss devil thing

    AUGH!!!!!!!!! The n00bism is spreading!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE CLOSE THIS TOPIC BEFORE THE VIRUS IS RELEASED!!!!! *injects anti-noob seirum into self* Quarantine!! QUARANTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs away before seirum wares off*
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    stupid gargouil boss devil thing

    *sigh* the only point of me continuing this conversation is to help get my post count up. I've already won you just refuse to accept it you goat bastard. NOW CLEAN MY PEE!! (Family Guy references)
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    stupid gargouil boss devil thing

    Im sorry i got so worked up, but stupid people make me angry. The truth is staring them in the face and yet they refuse to belive it. Also, n00b is supposed to be an insult. I dont know if this link will work but feel free to try, its my heartless angel proof...
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    stupid gargouil boss devil thing

    ok, wow are you new to forums or something? n00b is a slang term for an ignorant newbie. Also, how does descend heartless angel NOT make sense? when he uses the attack an angel comes down quickly and rapes you. So its a Heartless Angel Descending thus the name Descend Heartless Angel. BTW you...
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    stupid gargouil boss devil thing

    wow. sinharvest angel ur just a stuborn n00b who wont listen to the truth as told by many. I have a clip i can post of sephiroth clearly saying "Descend Heartless Angel" Also, I think that bradygames makes terrible strategy guides. Gamefaqs is a much more reliable source of info IMO. I'm very...
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    muahaha, look what 3 minds have done

    guys, im sorry to say this probably isnt correct. why would any sane game developer release enough information to figure out their game's story? there are definately more than a few missing puzzle pieces that we will not recieve untill this game gets released. Such as BHK. We waited forever for...
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    Custom Keyblades?

    it isnt a rumor, it was stated in an interview i belive. its on tthis site somewhere. they said that the materials needed to make custom keyblades woud me rare and hard to come by as to make it difficult.
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    Destiny Islands

    it would be good to go back to destiny islands, not like theres anything to do there :\
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    New picture of Axel in TT!!!!!

    guys, Im pretty sure that the first battle shown with Axel is in Twilight Town. and btw, im pretty sure his weapons are Chakrams, or at least a variation of them.
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    3 Keyblades in Deep Dive

    Yes it IS a keyblade. If you watch the video closely you will see that golden pole that is the keyblade move as he walks up the tower. There are 3 keyblades in each pic, you just need to look for them. The first pic is indisputable evidence of three keyblades, the second is just to show he had...