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    DS Download Play In Days?

    i think it could happen have mini-games like kill the most heartless in a certin time period or somthin like that
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    could Xion be...

    sounds possible
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    Unbirth theory (influenced by Forced Existence)

    that could be true
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    Kh 358/2 days US Site

    Im not sure if this was already posted i havent been on in a while but a kh 358/2 days website has opened for the us. go to KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days | SQUARE ENIX or go to kingdomhearts.com and click on it.
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    358/2 Delay- Could it mean...?

    ok first i remember an article from this years jump festa i think saying spring so there. 2nd the dsi plays ds games it just has a new name and features
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    New Scans!

    Why would Riku be talking to roxas in his KH1 clothes?
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    BIG Theory

    hasnt it already been said plenty of times Roxas is Soras Nobody. Also at the end of KH2 Roxas went it to Sora END OF STORY
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    "XION" and Ze"XION"

    there are 14 members not 13 anymore so she is not
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    Chain of Memories Collectable Card Game?

    look in card stores its been out for a while
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    how long in production RE:COM

    since it already came out in japan not long
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    KH2 Been Gone

    I havent played KH2 since I got the secret ending so I sont really miss it. Sorry but I beat it, it got boring, I stoped playing.
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    A Kingdom Hearts Challenge

    Ok, this challenge for people who make psp portals, such as the vista mac ect portals. Can somebody make a KH PSP Portal. I would really love it.
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    party members bbs

    It might be like Crisis Core and you travel alone
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    Most Annoying Heartless

    The Large Bodies Fire and Regular
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    Does the Title " Kingdom Hearts" fit in BBS

    Ok, I know that orginization "14" is making a kingdom hearts in 358/2 days and coded is basiclly the 1st kingdom hearts but with a different story. But how does "Kingdom Hearts" fit in to Birth By Sleep. Yes there is the moon in the secret ending but how does it connect to the games purpose? I...
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    What are Donalds an Goofys role in BBS??

    I have read on many websites that donald and goofy are in BBS BUT it does not say there role. I doubt there traveling with mickey because he is not in any pictures SO FAR with him. What do you think there role is??????????/
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    For those who do not have the final mixes

    I have it im just helping out
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    For those who do not have the final mixes

    For those who dont listen to Keycast go download it. Anyway if you want the final mixes go to Kingdom Hearts Merchandise Petition - Make Petitions at Petition Spot and sign there petition For those who listen PM me if you want to talk
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    Cloud and Sephiroth

    I think they went to Disney Castle
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    They only show andy heartless realse hearts in movies during the game