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    Sora, Ventus & Vanitas

    What if Vanitas had The face of Ventus with Black hair and yellow eyes before they connected. Creeeeeepyys1eyeballs
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    More new scans

    Yeah, but they are all form the same magezine. so that mean the others are new as well, LoL. (It must be xD)
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    More new scans

    I found these scans a few minutes ago. Their probally new right? Well at least the scans are.. xd I dont know if the pictures are new though.. http://heartstation.org/gallery/albums/birth-by-sleep/birth-by-sleep-scans/Famitsu%20PSP%2BPS3.png...
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    Kingdom Hearts: BBS Winter Trailer FANDUB

    Oeh i cant wait to see the results :3 ( I'f you dont know it ) Im SnowyyStrawberry XD I just wanted to say.. Hi! XD :lol:
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    How ventus is related to roxas

    I like the theory! I really wonder what will happen to Ven in BBS i guess we just have to wait until it comes out.
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    Kingdom Hearts: BBS Winter Trailer FANDUB

    Oeh, Maybe im going to do audition (For Aqua) Coz im bad in doing boys xD
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    I need to say. You did a good dub.
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    New Scans?

    Thanx I will change it :wink:
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    New Scans?

    Okay I dont know if they are new but some pics are new to me.. (Much Links lol) http://heartstation.org/gallery/albums/birth-by-sleep/birth-by-sleep-scans/Dengeki%20Playstation%20Vol%20463%20001.png...
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    Is MX really evil?

    I argeed with Marly. He doesnt look that peace full on that pic.
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    ventus dead

    You mean this one? : http://i49.tinypic.com/53n3g6.jpg It kinda hard to see though.
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    Ven on DI and the black coated dude.

    Or.. maybe Maleficent? LoL I dont know what sh wanted to do out there but she wears black.. But still, I think its MX..
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    I thought KH 358/2 Days had a sad end. But maybe bbs does have a sadder end.. btw. Good theory
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    Ven on DI and the black coated dude.

    Probally MX. He walks like that, but I could be wrong.
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    wooden keyblade

    Well, we probaly need to use that keyblade in the game because at 1:47 of the Jump Festa Trailer 2010 You can see Aqua and Peter Pan talking about that wooden keyblade that Ven left behind so he probaly also used it.
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    KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [DEADLINE JAN 9TH] Im definatly going to enter this! I already drawed Aqua and Ven and i only need to draw Tera (Man hes difficult xD) But I got a question, but I dont know if someone already asked this.. Um well, When you draw it with the hand do you also...