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    KH2:FM music

    http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-ii-final-mix/79375-can-someone-convert-song-13th-reflection-mp3-format.html there you go! all three musics u wanted are on here The Other Promise- roxas battle music Rage Awakened- ES battle music Fate of the Unknown- secret ending music ennnjoyyyy
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    Lv 1 ES fight, no damage, drives or limits

    YouTube - KH2FM ES Battle ---- LV1 No Damage omg, that is pwnsome.
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    about pooh's world

    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + FAQs - Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + Walkthroughs - Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + Guides try this guide
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    Where are Pete and Maleficent?!

    well, we know one thing for sure. seeing as they are the main disney villains, theyre definetly not dead. more so for pete than maleficent. i agree with the theory that they took over the castle that, or theyre in the realm of darkness a/o some other dimension for losing to all of those heartless
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    Keyblade Stats

    nice..... do you know how much the roxas keyblade increases the chance of anti-form? like a percentage or something?
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    armored soldiers... SPOILERS

    thats really interesting. whered you find this???
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    Anyone Remember?

    none of the new scenes are dubbed in english, you can watch them in japanese only in theater mode, and to my knowledge, you don't get anything for beating FM and then RECOM. if you beat the game on any difficulty in FM you unlock theater mode. if u have a cleared re:COM save file on your memory...
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    Have you noticed?

    i think that the three keyblades were used to show that SH and BBS were not in sora's lifetime, cause those keyblades are still with sora riku and mickey
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    KH2 Character songs!

    donald- baby got back!!! lol seriously now, ahem.... i think that boulevard of broken dreams is good for Roxas or Riku
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    Anyone Remember?

    you get theater mode in kh2fm in both english and japanese and the order is Re:CoM and then FM
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    possible meaning of ES's words

    okay, so when y0u beat the enigmatic soldier he says something close to this: Ven...Aqua...who are you?....I didn't choose you ....Xe...hanort.....Xehanort! Ven and Aqua- we all know that these are the names of the BHS and the FS respectively so hes probably calling out to his friends...
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    Sora vs. Axel

    added more vids!!! enjoy, teh demyx one looks like a doozy you have to.........well, youll see when u get theere lol EDIT: hold on guys, there was a prob when i was copying and pasting the vids, ill set it out now ;) EDIT: oky its all good now
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    Sora vs. Axel

    im right there with you dude. if it wasnt coming, they would have said so by now. the fact that theyre taking so long only means that they are at least aware of the us fans and are thinking about it. i don't see any reason why they shouldnt..... im going to post the links to the other battles...
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    Sora vs. Axel

    YouTube - Axel Data Rematch (Camera) *CRITICAL MODE* YouTube - Xemnas Data Rematch Pt.1 *CRITICAL MODE* YouTube - Xemnas Data Rematch Pt.2 *CRITICAL MODE* YouTube - Saix Data Rematch *CRITICAL MODE* YouTube - Luxord Data Rematch *CRITICAL MODE* YouTube - Xigbar Data Rematch (Camera)...
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    Help with the soundtrack. (Spoiler Alert!)

    the other promise is the roxas battle music deep anxiety is the battle music for the cavern of rememberance iirc
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    also, you can fight Zexion in Riku's story
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    Re:CoM Marluxia Redux

    Re:CoM Marluxia Redux Marluxia Redux- YouTube - キングダムハーツ Re:チェインオブメモリーズ マールーシャ戦2 Marluxia Final- YouTube - キングダムハーツ Re:チェインオブメモリーズ ラスボス戦 EDIT: oh yeah, the second vid is spoilerific, so...
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    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: KH2:FM+ Scenes [Post Videos Here] hey guys, heres a Re: CoM Guard Armor Boss Battle you get to see the Pluto friend card too! YouTube - KH - Re:CoM Guard Armor Battle
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    question on org. battles

    will they be replayable or just once and its over i want to pwn them all... more than once lol has nomura confirmed that theyre replayable?
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    Soras Voice

    aangs voice actor isnt a girl his name is Zach Tyler Eisen EDIT: nvr mind lol