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    Kingdom Hearts Remake: Chain of Memories Proud mode?

    You shouldn't have any trouble with it at all. I went through it with ease, especially the boss battles against Marluxia.
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    Max Atk, Def, and Mag

    Does anybody know how far your Atk, Def, and Mag can go? I got mine up to 101 Def, so just wanna know how much further I can go.
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    Lethal Flame is a pretty decent one (which I think is new) Stop + Any Attack Card + Any Attack Card
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    Organization XIII Data Battles

    Actually the Enigmatic Soldier isn't on Beginner Mode.
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    PLease help me rechain of memories

    You have to have KH2FM clear data to be able to get some of the cards in Re:CoM
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    Best Way to get power-ups?

    Does anybody know of any good ways to get Defense Ups, Magic Ups, and Power Ups, because my def,atk,and mag are really low =[
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    XIII Mushroom #8, Yen Cid's Tower (HELP!)

    Strategies please, I'm just freaking tired of this mushroom! Its the last one i need and i cant seem to get higher than 73 >_________>
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    Goofy and Donald's Organization Weapons

    Could someone please explain to me step-to-step how to obtain these? I have defeated all 5 Silhoutte battles and have not gotten them yet. :(
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    Axel in Final Mix secret video?

    If Axel is ES' nobody than he might not have any memories (Like Xemnas with Xehanort) and I believe that the portal in the Hall of the Cornerstone takes you in the past to fight ES.
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    How to lvl the Limit Form

    Yes, just keep using the limit attacks in your quick menu (press L1 to see quick menu) you should start out with Sonic Raid and Ragnarok, you can level it up at least twice during the 1000 Heartless fight.
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    KHII FM+ Bonuses

    Can someone please give me a list of the bonuses you get for beating each game such as: The bonuses Re:CoM gets if you have KHII FM cleared and the bonuses KHII FM gets if you have Re:CoM cleared
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    Equipping Abilites

    Sorry, about all the questions lately, but this is the last one >_> How do you know which ability is which, is there like a translation list somewhere?
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    EXP Zero

    What exactly does "EXP Zero" do? I'm guessing it doesn't allow you to get as much EXP in battle or something, but If I'm wrong, someone, please correct me. Also who all uses EXP Zero?
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    Collecting Puzzle Pieces

    Just got my game today and I was wondering what happens when you collect all the puzzle pieces?
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    Card Combo Help

    ...I've never played Re:CoM so i just wanted to know before i played it :/
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    I started a new game on Proud Mode, Was on my way to do the odd jobs, I went through the door to the market place in Twilight Town, the screen just stays black with background music...and never changed >_>
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    Card Combo Help

    In some YouTube videos I see some people combine 3 cards together and use it as one big combo, could anybody possibly tell me how you do this? >_> As my FM+ game will arriv tomorrow and I don't know how to do this, and I don't remember doing it in the GBA Chain of Memories game.
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    World Navigator+

    Is the strategy guide any good and or have any good pictures in it? I just ordered it with my FM+ game, so just wondering ;P
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    Sephiroth on Critical Mode?

    Has anybody defeated Sephiroth on Critical Mode yet? Because I haven't seen any videos anywhere.
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    KH Seiyuu's from Animes

    Xigbar - Jiraiya (Naruto)