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    Is this lack of BBS news KILLING anyone else?

    Need I say more?
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    New Days Gameplay Detail

    Everyone stop calling him a bowel movement! :lol:
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    Riku's blindfold

    Kudos to SA for proving that person wrong so many times ;)
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    Little question

    So, I pre-ordered it, but I can't pick it up for a while, will I still get the cards?
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    Little question

    Hey I was just wondering what exactly "first run" is and what is particulary special about it?
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    Roxas knew Namine?

    He's already said, anything COULD happen.
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    I have a question about Namine

    Okay, lot of different answers.... But they're all saying pretty much the same thing (I think). So, then Namine is part of Sora's body and soul which was Roxas, so she used a part of Roxas? (Okay, maybe not) But shouldn't Namine have fused with Sora at the end of KH2 instead of Kairi?
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    I have a question about Namine

    Okay, I feel kind of dumb for asking this since I feel like I know it in the back of my head but, when Sora stabbed himself creating Roxas with his heart and Namine with Kairi's, since Roxas was the body and soul of Sora, who was Namine the body and soul of?
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    New Scans!

    Great, now people have MORE reason to whine about Axel being Riku's nobody. :angry: Anyway, good scans, I hadn't seen them yet.
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    KH anime confirmed?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but it kinda is the future of Kingdom Hearts..... So, my sister was browsing around on youtube and found a video saying that Nomura confirmed a KH anime, I, personally, don't find it credible, but you can decide for yourself. The video is here: YouTube -...
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    Who must survive the BbS?

    That's cause people like me can't get enough of Cloud, even if he hasn't been the main character in any of the spin-off games :sad:
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    El oh el

    .......No comment.......
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    What FF charater would you like in BBS

    Agreed, and I definetly would want Zack. Oh, and that evil little girl that made me pay all that money to get Ultima after I crashed the train into Corel, I would want her in there so i could repeatedly bash her face in as a baby.
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    BBS Glitch!!

    I know, I said that the area WITHIN the red circle is his arm.
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    BBS Glitch!!

    Ummm....That's not his arm, its the background, observe
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    Is there a difference?

    Hey! Let's keep saying the same exact thing as the person before us already said!!
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    At what event do you think BBS took place?

    That WOULD be cool :thumbsup:
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    Wow! Got this game last week and it Blew my expectations!

    That's Kingdom Hearts for ya! And yes, it was INSANELY hard...Well everyone but Sora's last boss (The real Marluxia) He was way too easy. =(
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    Crisis Core in BBS?

    Who else thinks the events leading up to Crisis Core would be cool in BBS? Like, seeing Zack as 3rd class and stuff like that. (P.S. Sorry if this has been said before but I'm too stupid to figure out where the search is. :blushing: