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    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ Website

    You DO know there is a official website right? Heres the link if you didn't know. http://www.square-enix.co.jp/kingdom2fm/ There you go. I you did know it existed, well, Im just slow. XP
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    New additions to FM and COM?

    tey could be putting it onto the PS3 since it has 4 times the space.
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    Larger KHII:FM/KHCoM remix Scans!! :D

    Lol, but now i would have to buy KH2 again unless i convince a friend to buy final mix. CoM, as well. But i would wait till they are cheaper
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    G-Phoria 2006 - Kingdom Hearts II Hanging on

    yay.... maybe there's a reason you dont see your cousin?
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    Hottest guys in KH2

    Im a guy as well, but i go for cloud because he has a big sword........ not that you pervs
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    Roxas Seven Days Novel

    You know, if you cant get them in english, you could learn Japanese and the characters, then import it.
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    Best Form

    Maybe its that you get exp from it lol
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    Fanfiction ► ~Twilight Hearts~

    Its been about a week...............
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    Ya see yea. ..............................(damn character
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    Yea... wait... oh nevermind... Whats the dude with the gunz? and the funny guitar thingy? I should go to. Its thunddering outside and i need to sleep and make lunch. Wait, whos that luzaeus thingy girl. with the blonde hair and uses lighting?
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    A crappy one! Zexion? Marluxia? -X ...Marluia... kinda like a jumble.
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    Ah I see... But what kind of name is Ladin?
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    You know what they said about the organization XIII, and how their names were their human's forms name with a 'X', so what would Axels be, because it would make Alex, but theres no extra'x'. Xaldin? Want to name more? (Cant think of the other names.)
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    Sanctuary ~After the Battle~ FULL VERSION!!!!

    Why? It works. First post. There will be a count down, and then this ad will appear, move it out of the way.
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    Sanctuary ~After the Battle~ FULL VERSION!!!!

    You could try syncronizing the sanctuary parts with after the battle to fill in the parts missing or quiet.
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    Sephiroth easier in KH2?

    Hell no. Sephiroth was way easier in KH, I beat him my first time.
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    How do I get the Paradox cups?

    Once you complete the first cup, after a little while, cerberous comes, then titan, then goddess of the fate.
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    What your favorite world?

    I liked TWTNW, twilight town, and radiant garden. TWTNW Cuz its like....cool. Radient garden becuase of the guys and stuff there. And twilight town, because of the scenery. these seem to be the favorites.
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    3rd Underdrome Cup (can't remember the name)

    ....wtf peter pan?!? and you need points. i get doulbe every time. except last. got owned the godess one